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“Money-Part I”

Natural Laws govern the generation and maintenance of money. Money is a kind of energy and it flows most easily toward people who employ their most natural talents with a certainty that abundance exists in nature—there is enough for everyone!

“Money-Part II”


A promise is not to be taken lightly. A promise is a spiritual act that demonstrates your courage, integrity, trustworthiness, and confidence in your ability to uphold such promises to yourself, your partner and children, and to society.

“Self-Love – Part 1”

This talk is about the true meaning of self-love. The highest form of self-love is the spiritual certainty that you have a Soul and that Spirit breathes within you. Your life is not an accident; you were put here by a Force that supports you and your life-purpose unconditionally. The video covers signs of self-love in daily life.

“Self-Love – Part 2”


We grew up with fellow travelers in our childhood home, meaning our parents and siblings. Our Siblings may have witnessed some of the most important events of our life—baptism, first day of school, graduation, and marriage. Now we are living separate lives and need to re-establish a different kind of bond.

“Simple Being”

You were put together, cell by cell, by an Intelligent Force that wants you to thrive exactly as you are. You have never been alone and the Creative Force will bestow the greatest Grace if you can assume Oneness with the Force. Walk into your daily life exactly the way you were created. Through unpretentious and simple being, you can collect your share of Grace.


The passage of time does not exist when your mind is quiet. You will find that your mind invented time; with no thoughts, time just vanishes into thin air!

“Empowering you Through Kriya Yoga-Part I”

Kriya Yoga involves a breathing meditation which is 1800 years old. Find out how this ancient art can cleanse your energy-channels, revitalize your physical energy, focus your mind, and help you manifest your deepest desires.

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“Empowering you through Kriya Yoga-Part II”


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“Asana and Pranayama: Two of the Eight Limbs of Yoga”

How to implement yoga on everyday life.

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“Eight Limbs of Yoga: Dharana, Dhyana, Samadhi”

Yoga has been traced to 8,000 years ago. As a healing art, Yoga involves eight daily practices that are clearly discussed in this video and follow-up videos about the limbs of yoga.


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“The Superconscious, Subconscious, and Intellectual Minds.”

Your intellectual mind can be fickle and unfocused while your subconscious mind is a storage house of all your oldest and strongest emotions and beliefs. The subconscious controls 70-80% of your daily behavior; find out how to use the power of your subconscious. The Superconscious mind is the Universal Mind that can bring you information from the whole universe. Intuition and creativity come from your Superconscious mind.


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“Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras”

Kambiz Naficy describes Patanjali’s sutras for enlightened living. These laws describing the nature of enlightened living were written two thousand three hundred years ago.


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“Enlightened Beings”

What are the characteristics of Enlightened Beings? What happens to your life after you attain Samadhi? An Enlightened Being may be called a Guru or it can be someone unknown. An enlightened being is someone who has joined in with the soul…


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“Art of Happiness”

The foundations of lasting happiness are:
Right Mind, Right Love, Right Livelihood, Right Balance, and Dharma.


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“Defensiveness and your Defense Systems”

When anything hurts too much and we want to suppress it, we form a defense system to numb out the pain. Later these same defense systems that save us, cut us off from our source of creativity, vitality, and authentic emotions.


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“Power of the Human Mind”

Using Mind-Power to Create your Destiny.


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Kambiz Naficy NBC USA TV Interview


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“Increasing your Self-Confidence”

In this video, Persian poet and international Kriya Yoga master, Kambiz Naficy, discusses four angles for increasing your self-confidence and sense of self-worth.


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“Sit Back and Just Relax”

When nothing seems to be working and you are trying too hard, just sit back, ease back into your own skin, and re-think your life. Stop trying so hard and put away your old ways of thinking and behavior.


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