One Heart Beating

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As long as you are alive, two more footsteps mark this earth.

As long as you are alive, one more heartbeat echoes in ether.

As long as you are alive, a fresh mind with two eyes looks on..

As long as you are alive, your presence approaches–like it or not.

As long as you are live, your voice is heard–audible or in silence.

As long as you are alive, someone’s heart beats faster when you smile.

As long as you are alive, a child might wonder, “will you be there for me?”

As long as you are alive, a parent smiles, thinking,

Look what I created!”



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Staying Home Today

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Once in a great while just stay home and hug the ones you love; you can even hug yourself and put your feet up with a great ahhh.. Look around at what you have built and thank nature for your resolve.

Close the doors without shutting out the world; the world will be waiting when you next open the doors!

Smell your living room; it smells like your family. This home is where kindred souls have gathered together for just a short while to laugh, sometimes cry, and eat in order to grow, and give birth to new ones, so we can make our way back Home..

Enjoy yourself at home today because we are all just safe-keepers of our homes and when every season draws to a close, we move on and on until what’s left is Light..

Joyous Holidays,

Kambiz Naficy

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Happiness as a decision takes power.

To dive into pain and come up with joy, that’s power.

In a divorce, the one who walks away with love and well-wishes, holds the power.

Perseverance toward a Greater Self demands power.

One mind persuading a million; that takes power.

Power is giving hope to the hopeless.

Having an inner-life with personal boundaries is power.

Contentment in solitude means power.

To have power is to turn an enemy to a friend.

Innocence wields more power than cleverness.

Power means living your Truth above all else.

Those who hold power have seen through fear.

Power means softening around your vulnerabilities then rising to great heights.

 To walk hand in had with the Force that made you, yields power.

Silence holds power; as a person of a few words commands attention.

To be in love with the day, that is power!

Living your life fully is a life empowered.

Take this power and join the circuit

To electrify and inspire.

Kambiz Naficy


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Heaven has Eyes


 This whole world is swirling with ideas; and each idea bounces back into our lives through a God who is kind enough to manifest our persistent thoughts.

In a Perfect Heaven, there is no disagreement between Creator and Her Creations.

You see, everything, even God is throbbing with Consciousness; nothing in existence is unintelligent; here I am laying a heavy responsibility on your shoulders—be careful what you imagine!

If our thoughts, words, and actions at each moment are unfathomable, then why do our lives seem repetitive, trite, and boring sometimes?

Because the only limitation in a world of ideas is the circumference of your own skull!

How to dream bigger?

If you were to directly experience a more beautiful life, even for one second, you could never retreat back to a previous, more limited life. That’s because you can’t take consciousness back; once your eyes open to bigger horizons, you will never forget those frontiers.

Purposely step into unknown territories that reveal great possibilities— a life much greater than you had imagined possible.

Once you have had a direct experience of a greater life, you will have it because to imagine is to have.

God Speed!

Kambiz Naficy

      Heaven has Eyes


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Through the Clouds


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There is someone you love deeply, but he is blind. In your heart you know your love is huge, so don’t forget and move beyond…

Remember the time when your pockets were empty? You knew you were meant for a bigger life, and you never forgot. Now your garden is filled with roses.

One time you were deadly ill, you could hardly move at all. In your Being you heard a lion roar. You kept listening until you turned a mountain on its head.

Remember that time when everything was going wrong? Just when you thought all was lost, a Voice whispered,

This too Shall Pass

Listen to the audio 

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      This too shall pass






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This paper monster of fear keeps leaping in and out of your life, a real joker who wears a thousand masks, scaring you, fooling you every time!

How strange to realize that all those scares were false alarms. How many times have you been worried and scared since kindergarten ? How many instances really came true?

What a waste of time each time we gasp, slump down, give up on dreams that were ours to keep.

And what about all those times that you didn’t say I love you because love is wild and you were afraid of it? And those times when you forgot to rise and dance to the morning Glory, because fear fooled into thinking that something was wrong?

Every time you fear, you surrender your god-given power to someone or something outside of your self. Your Being is where power lies; don’t give power away to anything outside of your Self.

Just because you exist, means that God Wills you to exist—you are God’s Willpower. So why surrender life, love, your integrity and your life’s calling to some paper monster called Fear?

Each time the monster confronts you, gather your forces and look Her straight in the eyes. Breathe deep and keep staring at fear, while repeating, I know your masquerade, your tricks, and your masks are unreal.

Breathe slowly and chant this until the fear vanishes.


Much Love

Kambiz Naficy


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Seeing the Obvious

What lies before you, is usually the last thing you notice.

Most people can’t believe that they can walk their own path and attract the prosperity that that is their Divine right.

You were born in the image of your Creator and in that way, you possess some of your Creator’s unique talents and powers. Since this unique set of talents is part of your Essence, you might not see them because they have always been there.

When there is no contrast to distinguish, for example the color white from black, you might be blinded. So it is with your Essence that has always been there.

Your job is to identify how and in which activity you flow gracefully and effortlessly. What is it that never tires you?; which circumstance brings passion to your heart with a childlike enthusiasm? What do you naturally do better than others?

When you find THAT, you have found your Glory, the Glory of God implanted in your heart. Follow THAT and you will reap many rewards.

One word of caution my friend, if you turn your attention back to the money and possessions that Grace attracts, the Holy Gift will shrink and eventually wither away. But if you just flow with your Essence and celebrate God’s Glory within you,  joy and prosperity will grow without limits. 

Be yourself and enjoy heaven right now. Heaven is trusting and flowing with the talents and Grace that God has bestowed. All the rest will follow without you concern.


Kambiz Naficy

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Dear Friend;

You have a center; it is the center of your mind and consciousness. This  is your sanctuary and whatever happens on the outside remains at the periphery of this center so that nothing stirs your deep running waters.

Let a prayer like AUM vibrate and pulsate at this epicenter, in between your eyebrows. This way when you conduct your daily activities, the core of you will rest in its inner-sanctuary. Imagine Being in this world but not of it!

You must find an activity that:

Makes the passage of time disappear

Eliminates all fears and worries

Places you intensely in the moment

Brings out your better self

Creates joy regardless of external circumstances

This activity is called your Dharma in the Sanskrit language. Your Dharma is your life-calling; it is an activity that incites your passion and blends in with your nature. This way of life is who you really are.

What are you passionate about?

Find your center and let everything else remain on the periphery.

Many Blessings

Kambiz Naficy

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Please The One

Hello Friend;

Make a meal that God would love to eat

Build a house that God would love to rent from you

Treat your spouse and children as if they were Gods

Go to work as if God were your boss

When you go to the shopping center, shop for God and see what happens

Last but not least, breathe up the center of your spine moment by moment repeating the highest chant, “I am God breathing in this body and manifesting all of my needs.

Much Love

Kambiz Naficy

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Hello My Friend;

Your self-concept impacts your self-confidence, how you carry your body, the mate that you choose, how much money you make, the risks that you take, and how fully you live your life.

Your self-concept is the mental image that you hold of yourself and it is just a thought. It has nothing to do with reality of your undiscovered self (who you truly are).

That mental image is only based on what you have experienced so far, not all of what you are capable of becoming.

To explain what I am saying, let’s say twelve months from now, you are to travel from Ohio to the Himalayas, but have not done so today. Then presently you have no idea that you have the capacity and courage to travel from Ohio to the Himalayas. Therefore your self-concept in terms of your sense of courage and adventurism is not a reflection of your true, hidden potential.

The second problem with your self-concept is that your mental self-concepts are based on personal interpretations and wrong conclusions that you came up with when you faced difficult situations in the past. For example, many grown-up children of divorced parents actually interpreted the divorce as proof of their own worthlessness. The mental rhetoric goes something like this,

If I were worth anything at all, Dad would not have left me and mom to go have a daughter with another woman.

People who take massive leaps of transformation, must go through three steps:

1.      They must first realize and truly believe that they possess undiscovered potentials within that have not yet been unveiled.

 2.      Having come to that realization, they must then risk and step out into the unknown, and demonstrate spiritual certainty through daily acts of faith and courage. Of course, no one would dare take a leap of fate unless they believed that they would survive it and live to enjoy the rewards.

 3.      Having taken the leap of fate, and having risked the Great Unknown, they must show up on “Harvest Day” and collect their rewards for courage, faith, and defying fear.

Many people with a low sense of self-worth go through the first two steps but sabotage themselves by never showing up to reap the rewards of a life’s work.

Make a vow today to dig deeper, to explore and test your unrealized potential.

That is the path to greatness.


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