Wise Friend

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Within you there lies a still Voice; that’s the voice of your Soul and it never sleeps.

You can talk with your lifelong Friend around the clock and pose any question; you will get answers, not in English or Chinese, but in Silence.

It is like receiving love with the highest wisdom. That Still Voice Inside never lies or falters. All you have to do is to take an oath of friendship and talk to your Soul. Before any action, thought, or words, ask for loving guidance and you will hear the Wisdom in the silence of your heart.

Is is never our Soul who leaves our side; it is we who forget our pledge of friendship. When we fall away, loneliness and illusions bring suffering. 

Are you in pursuit of great happiness? Then be Soul-centered and maintain that dialogue. 

All that you deserve will fall into your palms with total surrender to that Still Voice…




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I don’t tell you that I love you because your soul knows it

I won’t look into your eyes because emerald is richer in dreams

The Great Persian novel breathes in my heart but my fingers won’t tap it

I can’t recommend Maria Callas because it was untrained compulsion singing through her

Why speak of God when unspoken love takes courage and that much courage is overwhelming

I won’t cry at your son’s funeral; sometimes it’s just best to hold a mother’s hand

How can I compliment the butterfly? After all it’s no fashion show

The day you moved in I heard your childlike giggle and that was my reassurance.

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