When your Heart Opens

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Your heart is the center of your Being. Your earliest and most important emotions lie in the cave of your heart. Your most authentic Self is sitting at the center of your heart. Your sense of self-worth lies where your heart beats. If you do not consciously open your heart, you will be saying goodbye to your loved ones and to love itself. A loveless life is hell!

As long as clouds of fear circle your mind, you heart will stay shut. Feelings of shame, guilt, and self-pity are the poisons of love. As long as you imagine yourself as worthless, your heart will never speak to you. As long as you do not serve the common good of all people, your heart will dislike your stinginess.

Today go to the streets and look into people’s eyes; send them love. Close your eyes, listen to music, and breathe the notes into the center of your heart. Melt into the arms of a loved one and allow them to love you without conditions; imagine that your heartbeat is merging with theirs.

If you want the doors of your heart to burst open, imagine that your loving Creator is breathing within you and acting through your life.

When your heart opens, you will live with an explosive and irresistible energy that no one can resist. That is when the doors of life open to you!

God Speed

Kambiz Naficy


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Why you are Loveable

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Love means offering one’s self to another; if you are hiding your natural self or your ego is faking it, then you either have nothing to give or what you are giving is a lie.

The most loveable part of you is your most authentic and simple self. You should understand that your unguarded innocence is very sweet and disarming. You might think that your romantic partner is attracted to your adult self, but most people are attracted to and love the innocent child that lives inside your heart.

Nature created you with no mistakes and knows where your mate is. But my question is, do you know this? If you don’t, then someday you will have to open your eyelids, and when you awaken to your own beauty, then everything will go your way.

Never go hunting for love; just know that it is there waiting when the doors of your heart fling open with Self-love. Your greatest strength and attractiveness will appear when you make peace with who you are. Then, you will be surrounded by love!

It is not possible to feel mediocre or flawed, and yet love other people. Accepting who you are, bursts the heart open, and in that state, you will go out and proudly share your Being with the world. As you do, your huge energy and all the gifts that the God Force planted in you, will electrify those whose lives you touch.


God Speed,

Kambiz Naficy



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Have you ever thought that your entire life can be summarized into habits?

Around and round we go, nowhere in particular, thinking that we are so free

but in a life encircled by habits, nothing really changes outside the circle, does it?

As long as you keep doing and thinking the same thing, how do you suppose change is going to happen?

Every belief, every thought, every mood, every emotion,

every action, the amount money in your pocketbook, and even your depression or happiness; all arise from habits.

Is it sad, what I’m writing you?

No! Be happy!


Because habits can change!




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Happiness as a decision takes power.

To dive into pain and come up with joy, that’s power.

In a divorce, the one who walks away with love and well-wishes, holds the power.

Perseverance toward a Greater Self demands power.

One mind persuading a million; that takes power.

Power is giving hope to the hopeless.

Having an inner-life with personal boundaries is power.

Contentment in solitude means power.

To have power is to turn an enemy to a friend.

Innocence wields more power than cleverness.

Power means living your Truth above all else.

Those who hold power have seen through fear.

Power means softening around your vulnerabilities then rising to great heights.

 To walk hand in had with the Force that made you, yields power.

Silence holds power; as a person of a few words commands attention.

To be in love with the day, that is power!

Living your life fully is a life empowered.

Take this power and join the circuit

To electrify and inspire.

Kambiz Naficy



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This paper monster of fear keeps leaping in and out of your life, a real joker who wears a thousand masks, scaring you, fooling you every time!

How strange to realize that all those scares were false alarms. How many times have you been worried and scared since kindergarten ? How many instances really came true?

What a waste of time each time we gasp, slump down, give up on dreams that were ours to keep.

And what about all those times that you didn’t say I love you because love is wild and you were afraid of it? And those times when you forgot to rise and dance to the morning Glory, because fear fooled into thinking that something was wrong?

Every time you fear, you surrender your god-given power to someone or something outside of your self. Your Being is where power lies; don’t give power away to anything outside of your Self.

Just because you exist, means that God Wills you to exist—you are God’s Willpower. So why surrender life, love, your integrity and your life’s calling to some paper monster called Fear?

Each time the monster confronts you, gather your forces and look Her straight in the eyes. Breathe deep and keep staring at fear, while repeating, I know your masquerade, your tricks, and your masks are unreal.

Breathe slowly and chant this until the fear vanishes.


Much Love

Kambiz Naficy



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I don’t tell you that I love you because your soul knows it

I won’t look into your eyes because emerald is richer in dreams

The Great Persian novel breathes in my heart but my fingers won’t tap it

I can’t recommend Maria Callas because it was untrained compulsion singing through her

Why speak of God when unspoken love takes courage and that much courage is overwhelming

I won’t cry at your son’s funeral; sometimes it’s just best to hold a mother’s hand

How can I compliment the butterfly? After all it’s no fashion show

The day you moved in I heard your childlike giggle and that was my reassurance.

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All or Nothing



When Rostam was seventeen

he searched the land

for his highest goal.

Before he set his sights, he met the merchant with the millions, the blind violinist with the passion, the womanizer with the three concubines, the clever politician, and the priest on the mount.

On his sixtieth birthday we met in his garden. By then, he competed with no one, looked twelve years younger; his eyes spoke to his wife and child; he lived his passion night and day, touching the lives of thousands.

By then,

he had plenty in the bank

but just enough to sleep well at night.

I asked him about the highest goal

                              To have it all

he said…

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Dear Friend;

There is only One Source of life and the pairs of opposites are simply offshoots of the One.

Imagine the one Sun shinning on the surface of a lake, and twenty people lazing around the beach will see twenty different suns reflecting off the lake surface.

This is a mind-world and each one of the seven billion people watching the same scene will superimpose their own unique twist or personal observations on the One Truth.

We live in a world of contrast and opposites–anxious and calm, old and young, rich and poor, darkness and light, etc… Without contrast we would not be able to recognize anything. A fish that has never been fished out of water, does not even recognize its own Source of Life–water.

What if the God Force were pulsating in the space around your face right now and giving you tiny, Holy kisses? Could you recognize her love showering down on you?

No, because you cannot recognize something in the nothingness of space. In space there is no contrast because you have empty space inside the atoms of your body as well as space on the outside of your existence.

Without contrast, you do not see God and because god is everywhere, there is no contrast, only Oneness. Oneness cannot be taught by any Guru or Guide. To merge with Oneness, you must be free enough to directly merge with Oneness through the experience of Samadhi or Nirvana.

To be spiritual, is to be free from the pairs of opposites. If you used to have a voracious sexual appetite for women, then you regretted that life and became a monk on a mountain top, you have not achieved a thing! You have simply swung like a pendulum from the bondage of lust to the bondage of moving away from all women or not daring to look up at any woman’s face.

Hot and cold are just relative degrees of the One temperature; they are not two different dimensions.

True Yoga means being true to yourself, being yourself, being Real. Find out who you really are–your tastes, values, priorities, and passions–then live them!

The true saint is free.

That is Yoga.

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