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Nature in her silent way, rules our very fragile lives, and with Her quiet patience, She teaches Flow which means accessing Grace without a struggle. 

Flow is Natural Law.

The albatross’ with her amazing wingspan, catches the ocean breeze and glides to another continent.

The ebb and flow of the oceans, is a tireless pendulum;

The Ganges and Mississippi can flow for a hundred years without straining.

Why does nature’s whisper fall on deaf ears? Why do us humans take anxiety pills, find our way home through Iphones; and feel separated from our Source?

There is only One Source, and the Creative Force throbs, and She pulsates beyond the nucleus of the atom, with abundance and Grace.

Being conscious, The Force is aware of your consciousness. Does your behavior demonstrate fear and isolation, or are you walking hand in hand with the Force that gave you life?

We have a natural right to abundance and grace. The way is through Flow, not through fear, anxiety, self-consciousness, and low self-worth. Fear with its dense vibrations, is too heavy to Flow.

Start each task inhaling The Force, and flow through your day while exhaling the same Force that breathes through you.



Kambiz Naficy





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A young butterfly reinvents itself and flies out of her cocoon ; yet we who are born so free, later crawl into our cocoons–Why? Because we are “socialized” early on to mimic others. Many people lose themselves and think that they are their car, their IPad, their clothes, title, and money.

You cannot access authentic power and self-confidence for as long as you pretend to be someone else. You will find the zenith of your glory when you follow no one. You are the ultimate goal; even today you are work in progress; you are your own ideal; if you never imitate anyone, you will find deep contentment and peace.

Life around you is ever-changing and even the atoms that build your world are vibrating and shifting. This never-ending change is natural law and nature never repeats herself.

Mediocrity is a myth; I have never met anyone who was mediocre, just one who was confused about her identity.

You are the Great Unknown; no matter how deep you dig, you will continue to unravel and unfold into the mystery of your Soul. Make it a rule to step into some unknown every day, for your greatness lies in that Unknown.

Anything predictable is a loss of beauty. Let your life be a river; it is not up to you where it flows; just be a leaf and ride your days, witnessing, mindful, and grateful that you are one with Natural Law.

Much Love,

Kambiz Naficy

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The River Said



I asked the river, “How old are you?”

As long as Sky gives herself to clouds, as long as clouds give themselves to rain, as long as leaves give their breath to clouds, as long as seeds give themselves to leaves, and for as long as the earth shelters the seeds, I will have lived.

“and who is your enemy?”

Enemies are in opposition whereas I just flow.If I meet a tree, a rock, or a dam on my way, I flow around and seep in with my Being. For Pure Being, there are no enemies.

“People in the villages have called you muddy, angry, mysterious–which one are you?”

I am a mirror, a witness, a vehicle; I am eternal movement within stillness. I have no preference. I am so subtle, the trout doesn’t know I am here.If the sky shows gloom, I reflect how gloomy gloom can be; and when the sun smiles, I show her how beautiful a sunny smile can be. 

If you want to ride my back, you are welcome; and if you want to drown in me, you are most welcome, for what is death to a Witness of life passing?

“Don’t the wind and those ripples ruffle your skin?”

I learned a while back that nothing is what it seems. Everything is a play of Light.The wind is God’s breath going in and out, and ripples are just water, just as trees do not dance on these waters.  On a moonlit night, a drunk came to catch Luna with his fishing net, never bothering to look for the higher Truth.

“I love to sit by your side each day; I talk to you and ask so many questions. Why don’t you listen, don’t you have anything to say? Why don’t you love me back?”

The greatest love is in listening and listening; humble respect is reflecting you back to yourself. 

I love you so deeply, I cannot disagree. Know that I am alive; I breathe like the rock and the turtle. I am consciousness and conscious of your questions.

Know that your questions arise from your mind, and when you watch me through your mind, you are not with me at all. So, let me bathe and still your mind with my cool waters.

See in me the passing illusions, the silhouette of things that are not even here.This River is your Soul. Speak to me, gaze at me, cry by my side until you cleanse and heal. 

When you heal, you will know my Soul; when you know my Soul,

you will find your Soul–Only then, will you be still 

while flowing, like me.

Kambiz Naficy


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