One Heart Beating

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As long as you are alive, two more footsteps mark this earth.

As long as you are alive, one more heartbeat echoes in ether.

As long as you are alive, a fresh mind with two eyes looks on..

As long as you are alive, your presence approaches–like it or not.

As long as you are live, your voice is heard–audible or in silence.

As long as you are alive, someone’s heart beats faster when you smile.

As long as you are alive, a child might wonder, “will you be there for me?”

As long as you are alive, a parent smiles, thinking,

Look what I created!”



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Chasing the Lost Self

Are you familiar with that sickening feeling of having achieved huge power and success at the age of sixty? That feeling that soon you will run of out of time and that you are now “hurting in all the places where you used to play.”

Sometimes we lose our real self while the false self (ego) is reaching its zenith of success. Many men when they reach peak success, desire forty five women before it’s too late. Add to that list five automobiles, all the different flavors of ice cream, and of course various medical miracles that bring them back to the ripe age of nineteen.

All of the above belongs to the false life of the ego. How painful it is when we lose our Essential Self; the one who is identified with simple breathing, prayer, children, family, and a day’s earnest work to feed the belly.

There are different thinkers who feel that the real self is made of light that cannot perish and does not need plastic surgery and aphrodisiacs to stay lovely and potent.

There are those who step lightly on Earth, those who leave their physical body with a smile of knowingness that “I am now going home.”

 God Bless you

Kambiz Naficy


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