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Nature in her silent way, rules our very fragile lives, and with Her quiet patience, She teaches Flow which means accessing Grace without a struggle. 

Flow is Natural Law.

The albatross’ with her amazing wingspan, catches the ocean breeze and glides to another continent.

The ebb and flow of the oceans, is a tireless pendulum;

The Ganges and Mississippi can flow for a hundred years without straining.

Why does nature’s whisper fall on deaf ears? Why do us humans take anxiety pills, find our way home through Iphones; and feel separated from our Source?

There is only One Source, and the Creative Force throbs, and She pulsates beyond the nucleus of the atom, with abundance and Grace.

Being conscious, The Force is aware of your consciousness. Does your behavior demonstrate fear and isolation, or are you walking hand in hand with the Force that gave you life?

We have a natural right to abundance and grace. The way is through Flow, not through fear, anxiety, self-consciousness, and low self-worth. Fear with its dense vibrations, is too heavy to Flow.

Start each task inhaling The Force, and flow through your day while exhaling the same Force that breathes through you.



Kambiz Naficy





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Kambiz Naficy

If you obsess about it, it will shrink your mind.

If you worry about it, it will worry you even more.

If you love only it, it won’t let you love anyone else.

If you count it everyday, you will count less and less each day!

If you love your work and don’t think about it, it will chase you all day.

If you think you’re too Holy to mind it, it will starve you to rags.

If you disrespect it and insult the rich, it will leave you or someone will steal it away.

If you think green paper has power over you, it will do just that!

If you have faith that your Soul, that your talents create wealth, you will wag your magic wand and manifest mountains of it.

If you think that it will bring you love, you are wrong; if you think that it can solve many problems, you are right!

Wishes for Lasting Prosperity

Kambiz Naficy


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There are times when everything you try just won’t work to your advantage. You put in your best effort and think about every angle of success but the doors keep shutting in your face.

During very difficult and trying times, you need to be philosophical. Ask yourself, what is the God Force trying to say to me? Release all resistance and do not allow your ego to fight to the bitter end.

The forces of nature are wise; let them gently guide you. Put your head down and say, dear Lord this time I really don’t know the answer, come into my life, guide me and show me the way. I make an oath that Thy will be done.

When everything around you is in chaos and everyone is fighting you and resisting, come home to your breath, to your meditation, to you prayer rug. Come back to your inner-sanctuary and listen to your inner-wisdom.

When you gather yourself within, while outside there is fighting and chaos, you disarm those who wish you harm.

Be at Peace My Friend and Step Lightly Today

Kambiz Naficy

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Follow my breath down

Into your own breath

As you let us merge

Let the exhalation sink

Like a stone

to the bottom of the ocean

 Sitting on the ocean floor

You will now cease

At the end of the exhalation

all begins to cease

And diminish

Even the one you call

I or “my life story.”


and, just when it seems that all is lost

you expire into a bluish-black


then a new One is born


You touch the heart of a Great Soul


My God!

It is my own Essence that I’ve touched

“I AM THAT” reverberates through your Being

An unexplainable love and light

now courses through each vein

with pulsating waves of bliss

 Aum Shanti Shanti Aum

 Just because all is well…

unreasonable laughter Rises from the belly

just like when you were seven or even three

Yes, all is well, for now I know that the butterfly, the Pacific, the river,

and all the prairies pulsate and breathe

with Intelligence and Consciousness.


Everything is alive and breathing through me!

Even Akasha, the Inifinite space that surrounds me

Is alive and all-embracing



Akasha enters me with the breath

and my skin dissolves with the last exhalation

Finally the inner and the outer walls collapse into One…


Oh my Lord

I have never been alone

Have I?

Is there only

One Pulse?

One Breath?

One Love?

One Life?


How do I thank this Grace?

Such beauty I have never felt

I am bursting from inside-out

Nothing needs to be done

For I have always been

The One

Darling of the Universe

I am you and you are me



Ham saah

Ham Saah

Ham Saah


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A young butterfly reinvents itself and flies out of her cocoon ; yet we who are born so free, later crawl into our cocoons–Why? Because we are “socialized” early on to mimic others. Many people lose themselves and think that they are their car, their IPad, their clothes, title, and money.

You cannot access authentic power and self-confidence for as long as you pretend to be someone else. You will find the zenith of your glory when you follow no one. You are the ultimate goal; even today you are work in progress; you are your own ideal; if you never imitate anyone, you will find deep contentment and peace.

Life around you is ever-changing and even the atoms that build your world are vibrating and shifting. This never-ending change is natural law and nature never repeats herself.

Mediocrity is a myth; I have never met anyone who was mediocre, just one who was confused about her identity.

You are the Great Unknown; no matter how deep you dig, you will continue to unravel and unfold into the mystery of your Soul. Make it a rule to step into some unknown every day, for your greatness lies in that Unknown.

Anything predictable is a loss of beauty. Let your life be a river; it is not up to you where it flows; just be a leaf and ride your days, witnessing, mindful, and grateful that you are one with Natural Law.

Much Love,

Kambiz Naficy

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Joy Thermostat



How much joy do you really deserve?

If God gave you love, wealth, comfort, perfect health, and bliss all in the same week, could you breathe deep, open up your arms  and simply say,


Think about your last seven days and ask yourself, what percentage of my energy was spent on nurturing myself and what percent of my time and energy was wasted on self-sabotage?

All the things you do to trip yourself up and prevent yourself from becoming the greatest you, are forms of self-sabotage. Smoking, watching too much television, fighting with your children and spouse, socializing with the wrong crowd, procrastinating and not seeking higher opportunities, not exercising or meditating, are all examples of self-sabotage.

If you love yourself deeply and without condition, the majority of your daily thoughts, words, and rituals will be constructive, and will serve your highest purpose.

Most people believe that humans have a low tolerance for pain and suffering; hardly anyone believes that we can also have a limited tolerance for joy, comfort, wealth, and unconditional love. 

What temperature is your joy-thermostat set to?

Ask yourself these questions:

Does the Light of God shine within me?

Do I deserve plenty of love in my life?

Do I deserve to have money and comfort?

Do I deserve to be happy without feeling guilty about it?

You deserve everything that God has to give because you came from Her. God’s creation cannot be different from its Creator.

May Grace Follow your Footsteps.

Kambiz Naficy

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