Kiss your Life

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To have heaven while you are alive and live it as you breathe, demands that you know what your heaven is…

In the depths of your heart, there is a dream that won’t go away; it is like an instinct, a tug that you mistrust on bad days. When cloudy with despair, the dream seems so far away that you lay down and fancy it, the way you used to fancy kissing that girl in school.

But one day, sick and tired of being sick and tired, you stole a kiss anyway and you didn’t die, did you? 

When you first kiss your Vision, the world explodes and you catch on fire and for the first time you want to shout over every rooftop–Hey, it really is true that eyes can laugh!


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You are not Alone


You are not alone, you never have been; you just thought you were because you lost the keys to your heart.

When you lose your way to heart and Soul, you have lost everything my friend;

and when you lose everything, you feel really alone.

All along there have been beautiful people knocking

but with a civil war inside, how can you hear anyone knocking?

How did you start a civil war anyway? How did you manage to live in a

self-created hell for twenty years?

Perhaps it all started when someone came to you with their troubles and you drowned 

in their troubles thinking that you could make them happy if only you could give

all of yourself away.

You pleased and gave it all away, and away until one day

there was no more of you to spare .

Hopelessly, before you would end your life, you looked his way and the damned man was still unhappy!

A Blessed day,  the day that you began to live, you realized that it wasn’t your burden to make the unhappy happy; after all happiness  

was their decision from the start. And worse, you found that most of the unhappy are very happy being unhappy!

On that Blessed day, you stamped out of hell and resigned your self-appointed post as

Her Majesty the Queen of Co-Dependents.

Spending a few months cloud-gazing, loving the starved child within, 

you danced along the dunes, singing

easy, easy; life is too good to be true!

One night you kissed someone who felt easy;

and the next day you kicked up the sand,

only to find the keys to your heart.

Now even when you stare into the fire, your spouse and little one asleep, you are not alone–

You never were sweet child.

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Dear Friend;

There is only One Source of life and the pairs of opposites are simply offshoots of the One.

Imagine the one Sun shinning on the surface of a lake, and twenty people lazing around the beach will see twenty different suns reflecting off the lake surface.

This is a mind-world and each one of the seven billion people watching the same scene will superimpose their own unique twist or personal observations on the One Truth.

We live in a world of contrast and opposites–anxious and calm, old and young, rich and poor, darkness and light, etc… Without contrast we would not be able to recognize anything. A fish that has never been fished out of water, does not even recognize its own Source of Life–water.

What if the God Force were pulsating in the space around your face right now and giving you tiny, Holy kisses? Could you recognize her love showering down on you?

No, because you cannot recognize something in the nothingness of space. In space there is no contrast because you have empty space inside the atoms of your body as well as space on the outside of your existence.

Without contrast, you do not see God and because god is everywhere, there is no contrast, only Oneness. Oneness cannot be taught by any Guru or Guide. To merge with Oneness, you must be free enough to directly merge with Oneness through the experience of Samadhi or Nirvana.

To be spiritual, is to be free from the pairs of opposites. If you used to have a voracious sexual appetite for women, then you regretted that life and became a monk on a mountain top, you have not achieved a thing! You have simply swung like a pendulum from the bondage of lust to the bondage of moving away from all women or not daring to look up at any woman’s face.

Hot and cold are just relative degrees of the One temperature; they are not two different dimensions.

True Yoga means being true to yourself, being yourself, being Real. Find out who you really are–your tastes, values, priorities, and passions–then live them!

The true saint is free.

That is Yoga.

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