Wise Friend

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Within you there lies a still Voice; that’s the voice of your Soul and it never sleeps.

You can talk with your lifelong Friend around the clock and pose any question; you will get answers, not in English or Chinese, but in Silence.

It is like receiving love with the highest wisdom. That Still Voice Inside never lies or falters. All you have to do is to take an oath of friendship and talk to your Soul. Before any action, thought, or words, ask for loving guidance and you will hear the Wisdom in the silence of your heart.

Is is never our Soul who leaves our side; it is we who forget our pledge of friendship. When we fall away, loneliness and illusions bring suffering. 

Are you in pursuit of great happiness? Then be Soul-centered and maintain that dialogue. 

All that you deserve will fall into your palms with total surrender to that Still Voice…




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A walk

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A walk is a time to ponder, “my life.” 

A life is a gift bestowed, but you must be present in it, to shape it intentionally, the way a potter shapes his clay. If you don’t, someone else will.

It is easy to drown, in daily chores, losing sight of one’s bearing.

To labor day after day; to toil in the details, and yet never step back, is unwise; we will get lost in bushes instead of climbing to the horizon. After all, life’s satisfaction comes from progress and progress happens when we take time to review and adjust the course.

Where am I heading?

Is this where I meant to go?

How did I get here?

Am I in control of my destiny?

These are questions of sweet solitude–a time deliberately taken off to dream the bigger dream..

If progress is important, vow never to fall asleep to your vision. Before you do fall asleep, ask of yourself:

 Whom have I loved today?

What have I build today?

What have I learnt?

What step have I taken today toward a greater life?


Kambiz Naficy





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Follow my breath down

Into your own breath

As you let us merge

Let the exhalation sink

Like a stone

to the bottom of the ocean

 Sitting on the ocean floor

You will now cease

At the end of the exhalation

all begins to cease

And diminish

Even the one you call

I or “my life story.”


and, just when it seems that all is lost

you expire into a bluish-black


then a new One is born


You touch the heart of a Great Soul


My God!

It is my own Essence that I’ve touched

“I AM THAT” reverberates through your Being

An unexplainable love and light

now courses through each vein

with pulsating waves of bliss

 Aum Shanti Shanti Aum

 Just because all is well…

unreasonable laughter Rises from the belly

just like when you were seven or even three

Yes, all is well, for now I know that the butterfly, the Pacific, the river,

and all the prairies pulsate and breathe

with Intelligence and Consciousness.


Everything is alive and breathing through me!

Even Akasha, the Inifinite space that surrounds me

Is alive and all-embracing



Akasha enters me with the breath

and my skin dissolves with the last exhalation

Finally the inner and the outer walls collapse into One…


Oh my Lord

I have never been alone

Have I?

Is there only

One Pulse?

One Breath?

One Love?

One Life?


How do I thank this Grace?

Such beauty I have never felt

I am bursting from inside-out

Nothing needs to be done

For I have always been

The One

Darling of the Universe

I am you and you are me



Ham saah

Ham Saah

Ham Saah


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The River Said



I asked the river, “How old are you?”

As long as Sky gives herself to clouds, as long as clouds give themselves to rain, as long as leaves give their breath to clouds, as long as seeds give themselves to leaves, and for as long as the earth shelters the seeds, I will have lived.

“and who is your enemy?”

Enemies are in opposition whereas I just flow.If I meet a tree, a rock, or a dam on my way, I flow around and seep in with my Being. For Pure Being, there are no enemies.

“People in the villages have called you muddy, angry, mysterious–which one are you?”

I am a mirror, a witness, a vehicle; I am eternal movement within stillness. I have no preference. I am so subtle, the trout doesn’t know I am here.If the sky shows gloom, I reflect how gloomy gloom can be; and when the sun smiles, I show her how beautiful a sunny smile can be. 

If you want to ride my back, you are welcome; and if you want to drown in me, you are most welcome, for what is death to a Witness of life passing?

“Don’t the wind and those ripples ruffle your skin?”

I learned a while back that nothing is what it seems. Everything is a play of Light.The wind is God’s breath going in and out, and ripples are just water, just as trees do not dance on these waters.  On a moonlit night, a drunk came to catch Luna with his fishing net, never bothering to look for the higher Truth.

“I love to sit by your side each day; I talk to you and ask so many questions. Why don’t you listen, don’t you have anything to say? Why don’t you love me back?”

The greatest love is in listening and listening; humble respect is reflecting you back to yourself. 

I love you so deeply, I cannot disagree. Know that I am alive; I breathe like the rock and the turtle. I am consciousness and conscious of your questions.

Know that your questions arise from your mind, and when you watch me through your mind, you are not with me at all. So, let me bathe and still your mind with my cool waters.

See in me the passing illusions, the silhouette of things that are not even here.This River is your Soul. Speak to me, gaze at me, cry by my side until you cleanse and heal. 

When you heal, you will know my Soul; when you know my Soul,

you will find your Soul–Only then, will you be still 

while flowing, like me.

Kambiz Naficy


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Lost Yourself?


Kambiz Naficy (www.joyoflifeorganization.com)

Have you lost yourself? How can you if you have been living inside you?

The only way you can lose your Self is to not live inside yourself. But if you are not in you, where have you been?

In your mind! In your thoughts! In your dreams. Each time you believe your rambling thoughts, you are dreaming, you are not here; and if you are not here, you are not alive.

Your Self (Soul) is always waiting for you to come back home; just stop nurturing scattered thoughts. Become disinterested in rambling thoughts. If you see something beautiful, don’t turn to your lover and say, “do you see that beautiful flower?”  The minute you utter words to describe beauty, you have lost the flower and the moment where the flower breathes.

Just wash dishes when you are washing dishes.

Just make love when making love.

Just notice your wife even after thirty five years.

Stand in a balcony; stare at shimmering leaves; just look, don’t interpret; just notice and breathe.

After the restlessness, something beautiful will happen.


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