One Heart Beating

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As long as you are alive, two more footsteps mark this earth.

As long as you are alive, one more heartbeat echoes in ether.

As long as you are alive, a fresh mind with two eyes looks on..

As long as you are alive, your presence approaches–like it or not.

As long as you are live, your voice is heard–audible or in silence.

As long as you are alive, someone’s heart beats faster when you smile.

As long as you are alive, a child might wonder, “will you be there for me?”

As long as you are alive, a parent smiles, thinking,

Look what I created!”



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Follow my breath down

Into your own breath

As you let us merge

Let the exhalation sink

Like a stone

to the bottom of the ocean

 Sitting on the ocean floor

You will now cease

At the end of the exhalation

all begins to cease

And diminish

Even the one you call

I or “my life story.”


and, just when it seems that all is lost

you expire into a bluish-black


then a new One is born


You touch the heart of a Great Soul


My God!

It is my own Essence that I’ve touched

“I AM THAT” reverberates through your Being

An unexplainable love and light

now courses through each vein

with pulsating waves of bliss

 Aum Shanti Shanti Aum

 Just because all is well…

unreasonable laughter Rises from the belly

just like when you were seven or even three

Yes, all is well, for now I know that the butterfly, the Pacific, the river,

and all the prairies pulsate and breathe

with Intelligence and Consciousness.


Everything is alive and breathing through me!

Even Akasha, the Inifinite space that surrounds me

Is alive and all-embracing



Akasha enters me with the breath

and my skin dissolves with the last exhalation

Finally the inner and the outer walls collapse into One…


Oh my Lord

I have never been alone

Have I?

Is there only

One Pulse?

One Breath?

One Love?

One Life?


How do I thank this Grace?

Such beauty I have never felt

I am bursting from inside-out

Nothing needs to be done

For I have always been

The One

Darling of the Universe

I am you and you are me



Ham saah

Ham Saah

Ham Saah


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Dear Friend;

It is impossible to land in a good place without first visualizing it. If you are at a good place in life, envision the next better quality of life. If you have nothing now and are living at your lowest point, again envision the next better place to land in life.

Never mind where you are at now; the results of your present life are not accidental. whatever circumstances you are now in is the result of whatever you have already consciously or subconsciously envisioned before. 

Change your imagination and your beliefs will change. Change your beliefs and your actions will change. Change your actions and the results will quickly change. 

Make it your religion to create your life from inside-out. Spend time every day envisioning your unique and joyful life. Visualize it in detail and only envision the end result, not the details of how that life will materialize.

When you see that end-result, feel the emotions that you would feel once you get there–employ your five senses and see, touch, smell, hear, and feel yourself once you have arrived.

If you cannot feel those emotions or if you cannot envision your ideal life, explore the stories of other individuals who are already living the life that you want to be living. Research these lives, their typical daily schedule, how they feel, when and how they made their first breakthrough. This kind of research will open your eyes to the possibilities of living in heaven on earth.

If you cannot envision where you want to go, you will lack motivation, you will be distracted, and lose your way.

Great Wishes for you,

Kambiz Naficy

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