Time is not real; it never existed and never will.Time past, is gone forever because it wasn’t there to begin with!

You will find a Great Void in the space between two thoughts and the pause between two breaths; in that Void of Silence, time vanishes.

Only your inner-state is real; when you are joyful time passes quickly and when in pain, time slows down.

Think about your own life-span, although you are now an adult, you might remember so much of your past vividly, as if the space of time between then and now were an illusion.

Line up four of your pictures from the time you were four, fourteen, twenty four, and now. Look into those eyes and you will find the same Soul.

When a handsome ladies’ man turns old, his eyes and mind remain young, as if nothing has changed; it is only the appearance of his aging body that no longer fits his routine!

Time is elastic, meaning that you can either fit a few chores into an hour or stuff dozens of chores into the same time-slot. On days that you only have a couple of things to do, you might consume your entire day with just a couple of chores. On pressured days that are packed with critical tasks, you wind up accomplishing everything within the same space of time.

What we call a lifetime is an album of recollections—moments of love, courage and faith, events, challenges, rags to riches, etc.. It is only when we paste these mental images together, that we come up with a continuum of time.

Meanwhile, everything in life has its own time. Life is made up of cycles that begin and end like the ebb and flow of the sea. These life-cycles are organized by the wisdom of Natural Law rather than the movement of the minute-hand on the face of a clock.

A life well spent is the best, most peaceful, loving and enjoyable life in between the time we are born and the time we die.

Till Eternity

Kambiz Naficy


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The Big Nugget



The biggest diamond in the world is consciousness or wisdom. The happiest people are those with the wisdom to see through all of life’s traps. Life is now very complicated; there are so many ditches that an unsuspecting soul can fall into, that only a very wise person can navigate their way to joy and contentment.

The yogic Vedas or ancient scriptures of yoga describe God as Pure Consciousness or Infinite Wisdom. The whole world is only a thought-world; everything you see around you  first began with a thought. The fact that you even exist right now is a result of your parents’ thought! Look at the results of what you have created so far in your life, and you will have an idea of what your recurring thoughts have focused on.

Some people ask, how can I think, act, and speak like a noble and wise person?  Well, everything that you think, say, and do arises from your consciousness; when your consciousness rises, you rise as person. The happiest people are always the wisest people.

How can you raise your consciousness? Take a few minutes, twice a day, close your eyes and relax your mind by following your inhalation and exhalation. Let the busy mind sway on the hammock of the breath. Let all your thoughts float out of your nostrils with each slow exhalation; watch the thoughts float into space and just hang there. If you breathe, deeply, slowly, and rhythmically, a silent gap will develop between two thoughts.

That moment feels like you are mindful and alert and at the same time empty of thought. That is a state of Pure Consciousness and in those few seconds, your mind will bathe in the Light of wisdom.

Each time you come out of that state and think, speak, and act, you will be spontaneously conducting your life in the optimal way.

God Speed

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