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Your life is like potting clay handed to you at birth; you are the only one who can mold and shape your life.

It takes courage and faith to shape your life with clarity and purpose.

Faith and courage are built up day by day; they are like muscles to be flexed and strengthened with each new step into the Unknown.

Faith arises from stepping into the unknowns of life and directly experiencing nature’s support for your courage. Anyone who has ever grown ahead of mere conformity has also stepped beyond their old beliefs and experiences, to discover a gift that has been there waiting.

At any given moment, the number of possible actions you can take and the subsequent outcomes is unfathomable. So, build up the courage to make consistent choices leading to a life that you choose.

Remember that your mind and ego are always afraid of life’s Unknowns. Bearing a child, immigrating, changing professions, and marriage itself all represent the Great Unknown. The voice of courage and faith urge you to step beyond self-created walls so that you can unchain yourself from fear.

Each time you walk through fear and gather gifts that are life’s offering, your courage and faith will grow stronger.



Kambiz Naficy

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Sail on…..


If you are Captain, then site your Highest Self 

and keep sailing…

Navigating chaotic waters 

will challenge you to uncover even more;

the more seasoned you become,

the more lightly you’ll float.

On those freezing nights

with no land in sight,

look beyond horizons unknown,

imagining, living as though

you have safely arrived.

Never mind the crew down below, bickering forever, following every glimpse of hope. My father taught me that a whole flock of sheep can follow the sheepdog right off the ridge.

Sea salt has dried your fears;

there is no turning back

for one who is Spirit

breathing into this body.

Kambiz Naficy

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Follow my breath down

Into your own breath

As you let us merge

Let the exhalation sink

Like a stone

to the bottom of the ocean

 Sitting on the ocean floor

You will now cease

At the end of the exhalation

all begins to cease

And diminish

Even the one you call

I or “my life story.”


and, just when it seems that all is lost

you expire into a bluish-black


then a new One is born


You touch the heart of a Great Soul


My God!

It is my own Essence that I’ve touched

“I AM THAT” reverberates through your Being

An unexplainable love and light

now courses through each vein

with pulsating waves of bliss

 Aum Shanti Shanti Aum

 Just because all is well…

unreasonable laughter Rises from the belly

just like when you were seven or even three

Yes, all is well, for now I know that the butterfly, the Pacific, the river,

and all the prairies pulsate and breathe

with Intelligence and Consciousness.


Everything is alive and breathing through me!

Even Akasha, the Inifinite space that surrounds me

Is alive and all-embracing



Akasha enters me with the breath

and my skin dissolves with the last exhalation

Finally the inner and the outer walls collapse into One…


Oh my Lord

I have never been alone

Have I?

Is there only

One Pulse?

One Breath?

One Love?

One Life?


How do I thank this Grace?

Such beauty I have never felt

I am bursting from inside-out

Nothing needs to be done

For I have always been

The One

Darling of the Universe

I am you and you are me



Ham saah

Ham Saah

Ham Saah


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My Life


I was looking at the breeze

sliding through the palms


at my happy wife

and happy life


how much work it has taken

to chisel out this life

into a jewel.


“My life” –

the words floated before my eyes

as I floated on Gulf waters.

 How rewarding it would be

If we were all to work at the life

and the craft that we savor

so that we may carve out a jewel called

“my life.”

How decent it would be to protect that life

and wife at any cost,

for they are jewels not to be displayed

to those who have not done

their work of carving out and polishing

what I am calling

 “my life.”

They have gone wrong

and bitter

with false expectations and fantasies

lacking the courage

that it takes

to carve a jewel called

“my life.”

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I don’t tell you that I love you because your soul knows it

I won’t look into your eyes because emerald is richer in dreams

The Great Persian novel breathes in my heart but my fingers won’t tap it

I can’t recommend Maria Callas because it was untrained compulsion singing through her

Why speak of God when unspoken love takes courage and that much courage is overwhelming

I won’t cry at your son’s funeral; sometimes it’s just best to hold a mother’s hand

How can I compliment the butterfly? After all it’s no fashion show

The day you moved in I heard your childlike giggle and that was my reassurance.

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Hello My Friend;

Your self-concept impacts your self-confidence, how you carry your body, the mate that you choose, how much money you make, the risks that you take, and how fully you live your life.

Your self-concept is the mental image that you hold of yourself and it is just a thought. It has nothing to do with reality of your undiscovered self (who you truly are).

That mental image is only based on what you have experienced so far, not all of what you are capable of becoming.

To explain what I am saying, let’s say twelve months from now, you are to travel from Ohio to the Himalayas, but have not done so today. Then presently you have no idea that you have the capacity and courage to travel from Ohio to the Himalayas. Therefore your self-concept in terms of your sense of courage and adventurism is not a reflection of your true, hidden potential.

The second problem with your self-concept is that your mental self-concepts are based on personal interpretations and wrong conclusions that you came up with when you faced difficult situations in the past. For example, many grown-up children of divorced parents actually interpreted the divorce as proof of their own worthlessness. The mental rhetoric goes something like this,

If I were worth anything at all, Dad would not have left me and mom to go have a daughter with another woman.

People who take massive leaps of transformation, must go through three steps:

1.      They must first realize and truly believe that they possess undiscovered potentials within that have not yet been unveiled.

 2.      Having come to that realization, they must then risk and step out into the unknown, and demonstrate spiritual certainty through daily acts of faith and courage. Of course, no one would dare take a leap of fate unless they believed that they would survive it and live to enjoy the rewards.

 3.      Having taken the leap of fate, and having risked the Great Unknown, they must show up on “Harvest Day” and collect their rewards for courage, faith, and defying fear.

Many people with a low sense of self-worth go through the first two steps but sabotage themselves by never showing up to reap the rewards of a life’s work.

Make a vow today to dig deeper, to explore and test your unrealized potential.

That is the path to greatness.


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Only You!

Kambiz Naficy


Energy is the electricity of life; without energy and enthusiasm you are nowhere; so make sure you connect with your natural talents and passion.

Everything that you have ever attained, you have attained yourself, through your own energy and passion. Even an expert thief expends energy; believe it or not, bank robbers can be passionate!

Look for people and activities that raise your energy and passion. Don’t ever wait for someone else to pick you up from the floor; get up again and again, after each fall!

Energy is never lost; every time you meditate and each moment that you work on your personal growth, you are actually growing. Meditating is better than not meditating at all. Start with where you are right now, and expend energy to rise higher; it doesn’t matter whether your mind approves of it or not; just get out of your head and do it!

God Speed

Kambiz Naficy

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