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Nature in her silent way, rules our very fragile lives, and with Her quiet patience, She teaches Flow which means accessing Grace without a struggle. 

Flow is Natural Law.

The albatross’ with her amazing wingspan, catches the ocean breeze and glides to another continent.

The ebb and flow of the oceans, is a tireless pendulum;

The Ganges and Mississippi can flow for a hundred years without straining.

Why does nature’s whisper fall on deaf ears? Why do us humans take anxiety pills, find our way home through Iphones; and feel separated from our Source?

There is only One Source, and the Creative Force throbs, and She pulsates beyond the nucleus of the atom, with abundance and Grace.

Being conscious, The Force is aware of your consciousness. Does your behavior demonstrate fear and isolation, or are you walking hand in hand with the Force that gave you life?

We have a natural right to abundance and grace. The way is through Flow, not through fear, anxiety, self-consciousness, and low self-worth. Fear with its dense vibrations, is too heavy to Flow.

Start each task inhaling The Force, and flow through your day while exhaling the same Force that breathes through you.



Kambiz Naficy





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Here, There, Everywhere is You.



You say you have lost yourself? How can that be when you are living inside of you?

The only way to lose one’s self is to get lost in the mind. When the mind believes all that is going on in the outside world, you get distracted and you lose yourself in a huge shopping center called THE WORLD.

Become mindful and follow your breath to come back Home. This is called Homecoming. When you are not sleeping, you take 21,600 breaths per day. If you become mindful and follow even 1,700 of these, you can reach a state of heavenly enlightenment within a few months–no thoughts, no worries, no sadness, no guilt, no shame–just breath comes in, breath goes out.

When you are looking at a flower, just follow your breath and don’t turn to the person next to you and say, look at this magnificent flower! The minute you say that, your words and thoughts about the flower interfere with the magnificence of the flower and you lose the moment.

When you lose the moment, you lose your Self.

Your head and your thoughts are full of dreams, not the utter reality of this moment. Anything related to the past or the future is now just a dream. Even what you call my life story is a self-created collage of past impressions and snapshots recorded on the CD of your mind. When you glue all these mental pictures together, you call that collage Me or my life story.

Drop the story and you will see that the movie, the distortions, the regrets, the future anxieties, the personal interpretations that hurt your self-confidence all vanish in a POOF!

What is left?



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