Staying Home Today

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Once in a great while just stay home and hug the ones you love; you can even hug yourself and put your feet up with a great ahhh.. Look around at what you have built and thank nature for your resolve.

Close the doors without shutting out the world; the world will be waiting when you next open the doors!

Smell your living room; it smells like your family. This home is where kindred souls have gathered together for just a short while to laugh, sometimes cry, and eat in order to grow, and give birth to new ones, so we can make our way back Home..

Enjoy yourself at home today because we are all just safe-keepers of our homes and when every season draws to a close, we move on and on until what’s left is Light..

Joyous Holidays,

Kambiz Naficy

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Bored with this Holiday?

In all of nature, only humans can be bored. Plants and animals are never bored because they live by instinct; humans live through the mind.

Your mind can take a dip and fall out of deep awareness. Awareness of what? Awareness of the aliveness of this moment. Is there anyone there in this present moment? Yes, when you are following your breath with vigilance, you will sense a Presence in this moment–that Presence is the core of you, your Soul.

Whenever you wake up bored, it is only because your goals have become too small for your evolving Soul.Your Soul is never bored because it is Light and light keeps moving. Keep moving towards becoming more, not just your bank account; but more of your own undiscovered self.You will see that no matter how many layers you shed, there are still more and greater selves.

Something stirs your unformed potential; get to know that Force. When you make friends with Her, you will merge with The Force that turns this world. Humans may be bored in their minds, but The Creative Force is never bored.

Trust and lay your life in Her hands; you will never be bored again. When you tune into Her, once in a while she will whisper something in your heart; be brave and follow Her Voice, just keep moving until the old selves peal off and new ones grow on you.

An unlived life is boring isn’t it? What if living fully, with deep self-love, would turn this life into a celebration, a short Holiday?

Much Love

Kambiz Naficy

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