Kiss your Life

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To have heaven while you are alive and live it as you breathe, demands that you know what your heaven is…

In the depths of your heart, there is a dream that won’t go away; it is like an instinct, a tug that you mistrust on bad days. When cloudy with despair, the dream seems so far away that you lay down and fancy it, the way you used to fancy kissing that girl in school.

But one day, sick and tired of being sick and tired, you stole a kiss anyway and you didn’t die, did you? 

When you first kiss your Vision, the world explodes and you catch on fire and for the first time you want to shout over every rooftop–Hey, it really is true that eyes can laugh!


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Broom of Wisdom


 He is wiry, tall like a poplar, and dark as the night. He sweeps a sidewalk in New Delhi with eyes white as marble, soft gaze piercing the concrete.

In an older India, they would have called him “untouchable” due to his low cast. Now a days, there is no such label yet no one of a higher order will touch his broom.

It seems that he is sweeping away dust but he must be doing something else because his eyes look beyond the clay; he is filled with joy and chanting in bliss the name of God.

Swoosh—Rama Rama

Swoosh—Krishna Krishna

Swoosh—My Lord Buddha

Swoosh—Allah Allah

Swoosh—Hail Mother Mary

It is as if his body sweeps away illusions while his mind is building worthwhile castles in the air. He lives in apparent ecstasy and inside I know that he has earned my respect, respect from the depths of my heart.

Take a broom today and begin to sweep; make you home shine from now on. Let your mind become untouchable with every stroke. With every stroke sweep away anxiety, fears, and regrets. Sweep away “my life story”, your personal interpretations of what happened in the past—most interpretations about what happened are illusions.

Chant a beautiful song and bellow out your exhalations as if you are expelling everything unnecessary in your life. All the while and with every stroke, build your life one thought at a time. Think and sweep away the clutter; sweep and build courage; sweep and sweep as you build up your will to live fully.

Today on the sidewalks of New Delhi, I came upon a saint. I had never seen a street cleaner in bliss and ecstasy of God. This Untouchable teaches the lesson of the ancient Vedas; that a simple life brings order, that the mind is the master and not the dust, the job, and one’s belongings.

Many Blessings

Kambiz Naficy

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