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Have you ever thought that your entire life can be summarized into habits?

Around and round we go, nowhere in particular, thinking that we are so free

but in a life encircled by habits, nothing really changes outside the circle, does it?

As long as you keep doing and thinking the same thing, how do you suppose change is going to happen?

Every belief, every thought, every mood, every emotion,

every action, the amount money in your pocketbook, and even your depression or happiness; all arise from habits.

Is it sad, what I’m writing you?

No! Be happy!


Because habits can change!




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Spirit Breathing In

If you have been living in a house with muddy windows, you probably haven’t seen…

the neighbor girl smiling at you

the thousand stars at night

the changing of the seasons

the mailman who tried to deliver good news

the weeping willow that dances for your delight

Nothing makes God more sad than one who has it all and doesn’t see it..

Man, wake up! Break out of this house!

Don’t you know that as long as Spirit breathes within, you already have it all?

Kambiz Naficy




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Seeing the Obvious



What lies before you, is usually the last thing you notice.

Most people can’t believe that they can walk their own path and attract the prosperity that that is their Divine right.

You were born in the image of your Creator and in that way, you possess some of your Creator’s unique talents and powers. Since this unique set of talents is part of your Essence, you might not see them because they have always been there.

When there is no contrast to distinguish, for example the color white from black, you might be blinded. So it is with your Essence that has always been there.

Your job is to identify how and in which activity you flow gracefully and effortlessly. What is it that never tires you?; which circumstance brings passion to your heart with a childlike enthusiasm? What do you naturally do better than others?

When you find THAT, you have found your Glory, the Glory of God implanted in your heart. Follow THAT and you will reap many rewards.

One word of caution my friend, if you turn your attention back to the money and possessions that Grace attracts, the Holy Gift will shrink and eventually wither away. But if you just flow with your Essence and celebrate God’s Glory within you,  joy and prosperity will grow without limits. 

Be yourself and enjoy heaven right now. Heaven is trusting and flowing with the talents and Grace that God has bestowed. All the rest will follow without you concern.


Kambiz Naficy

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Shame on you!



The emptiest feeling in the world is not knowing who you are and where you are going. Worst than that is knowing but being ashamed of who you are.

Shame makes you feel unwanted, not good enough, like there is something that you ought to hide from the world–you.

When you were born, you were pure Glory and until some adults shamed your very core  by calling out, shame on you!

Shame seeps deep under your skin and shows up as aggression, anger, depression, hopelessness, apathy, and numbness that paralyzes you when you want to follow your calling.

What happened was that some adults cast off their heavy coat of shame to cover your Glory.

You must now wake up to the Glory of the God Force breathing in and acting through you. Nothing created by nature is ever shameful.

Cast away the dirty overcoat of shame; breathe easy today, knowing that you are and have always been Pure Glory.

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Forgetting Who you Were

Kambiz Naficy www.joyoflifeorganization.com

Kambiz Naficy

We all live in our skulls believing that everyone else sees the same world.

Life is not life that!

Everyone else lives in their own skull, and therefore in a world different from the one you live in. Though there are no seven billion worlds, there are seven point five billion minds.

We all grow old because the same old ideas create the same old life, over and over again.

How joyful, how childlike life would be if we were to break out of our prisons!

Today identify beliefs and thoughts that keep you bound. Wake up today and every time you are drawn to the same old thoughts, whisper through an exhalation,

I am free for the rest of my life! that other person is gone; that old me doesn’t exist anymore.

Meet each circumstance as if through a new pair of eyes. Do this for a day, for one day act and think with spiritual certainty that “the old limited self is gone, vanished forever.” Act as if you are free of self-imposed limitations because this new self doesn’t even remember the old ideas.

By midnight you will see that there are no forces out there limiting you–only limited thoughts playing in your head like an old, scratched record.

Today, act as if you are free of that old self and within one week your life will expand out with the freedom of choice.

This will happen right before your eyes.

God Speed

Kambiz Naficy

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The Big and the Small



In this world, there are big and small-minded people. If you associate with the small people, you will become small-minded and eventually won’t be able to imagine a bigger life.

Keep the company of the Grand Ones and you will grow to heights unimagined by yourself. 

Love both types; it’s not your job to judge anyone, but when you associate with the small-minded, stay focused on who your really are.

Much Love to Both

Kambiz Naficy

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You are not Alone


You are not alone, you never have been; you just thought you were because you lost the keys to your heart.

When you lose your way to heart and Soul, you have lost everything my friend;

and when you lose everything, you feel really alone.

All along there have been beautiful people knocking

but with a civil war inside, how can you hear anyone knocking?

How did you start a civil war anyway? How did you manage to live in a

self-created hell for twenty years?

Perhaps it all started when someone came to you with their troubles and you drowned 

in their troubles thinking that you could make them happy if only you could give

all of yourself away.

You pleased and gave it all away, and away until one day

there was no more of you to spare .

Hopelessly, before you would end your life, you looked his way and the damned man was still unhappy!

A Blessed day,  the day that you began to live, you realized that it wasn’t your burden to make the unhappy happy; after all happiness  

was their decision from the start. And worse, you found that most of the unhappy are very happy being unhappy!

On that Blessed day, you stamped out of hell and resigned your self-appointed post as

Her Majesty the Queen of Co-Dependents.

Spending a few months cloud-gazing, loving the starved child within, 

you danced along the dunes, singing

easy, easy; life is too good to be true!

One night you kissed someone who felt easy;

and the next day you kicked up the sand,

only to find the keys to your heart.

Now even when you stare into the fire, your spouse and little one asleep, you are not alone–

You never were sweet child.

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Follow my breath down

Into your own breath

As you let us merge

Let the exhalation sink

Like a stone

to the bottom of the ocean

 Sitting on the ocean floor

You will now cease

At the end of the exhalation

all begins to cease

And diminish

Even the one you call

I or “my life story.”


and, just when it seems that all is lost

you expire into a bluish-black


then a new One is born


You touch the heart of a Great Soul


My God!

It is my own Essence that I’ve touched

“I AM THAT” reverberates through your Being

An unexplainable love and light

now courses through each vein

with pulsating waves of bliss

 Aum Shanti Shanti Aum

 Just because all is well…

unreasonable laughter Rises from the belly

just like when you were seven or even three

Yes, all is well, for now I know that the butterfly, the Pacific, the river,

and all the prairies pulsate and breathe

with Intelligence and Consciousness.


Everything is alive and breathing through me!

Even Akasha, the Inifinite space that surrounds me

Is alive and all-embracing



Akasha enters me with the breath

and my skin dissolves with the last exhalation

Finally the inner and the outer walls collapse into One…


Oh my Lord

I have never been alone

Have I?

Is there only

One Pulse?

One Breath?

One Love?

One Life?


How do I thank this Grace?

Such beauty I have never felt

I am bursting from inside-out

Nothing needs to be done

For I have always been

The One

Darling of the Universe

I am you and you are me



Ham saah

Ham Saah

Ham Saah


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My Life


I was looking at the breeze

sliding through the palms


at my happy wife

and happy life


how much work it has taken

to chisel out this life

into a jewel.


“My life” –

the words floated before my eyes

as I floated on Gulf waters.

 How rewarding it would be

If we were all to work at the life

and the craft that we savor

so that we may carve out a jewel called

“my life.”

How decent it would be to protect that life

and wife at any cost,

for they are jewels not to be displayed

to those who have not done

their work of carving out and polishing

what I am calling

 “my life.”

They have gone wrong

and bitter

with false expectations and fantasies

lacking the courage

that it takes

to carve a jewel called

“my life.”

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I a Persian poet, have come to you, Mother India, to share a gem, a secret of all times with your children. It is the secret of the falcon soaring, the palm leaves bending to the monsoon, the unassuming smile of the naked child riding the back of her elder sister. But who is the child, the older sister, the mother and the father? Does the black crow call out in random shrieks or does she imitate the vibrations and pulsations of the earth?

There is a secret of simple Oneness; the One Shakti which pulsates within Herself to create “Leela” which means the Lord’s Earthly play of a thousand masks. The Persian poet Rumi likens the Lord’s play on earth to a hall of mirrors, he hints that Brahman is both the mirror and the multi-colored faces in the mirror.

As long as any of us feel separated or smaller than the Spanda, the heartbeat of the Universe, we shall be forever struggling with Fear of loneliness, isolation, vulnerability, old age, poverty, and death. Then again, who holds the real power in a world full of aggression and competition?  The Bhagavad Gita states that no  weapon can destroy the One who has merged.

How do I merge with whom and with what, you may ask?

The secret is that you have always been your Creator’s glory. Toss away the illusions and you will quickly recognize that you the creation cannot possibly be different from THAT which created you—Ham Sa, Ham Sa…

If you sometimes miss your Lord in a moment of abandonment, then why won’t you assume the obvious—that the One Pulse that created you, is also the Mother who is missing her child? After all, She is the impulse behind your heartbeat. Why beseech Shiva, Rama, Christ, and Allah to return to your side when all the while She pulsates within you, waiting with patience for her child to give up that childish resistance? Why won’t you just come Home?

The secret of the Vedantas, Kabir, Rumi, and Hafez has always been the One Pulse, the One Glory, One Race, and One Endless Love.

All you need to do is to close your eyes and assume that the crow, the child’s smile, the Indian Ocean, and the whisper of the wind combing through the palm leaves are all One Song. Assume that your skin is thinning so that the outer and the inner-meditations are becoming one.

Just assume the Bliss and the Bliss will be there. Assume the wealth, the health, the love in your life and all will be granted as easily as the breeze flows.  The Vedas call Brahman consciousness. If the One who created you is of the substance of Pure Consciousness, then the quantum physicist will assure you that your consciousness, your thoughts, beliefs, and outlook will co-mingle with that of the Creator to create the results of your life.

Then why do we experience all this pain on earth? Well, God may not be destructive but some of your thought may very well be, and the Lord being a noble Being, will never veto what you have agreed to believe.

The language that your Lord Shiva understands is spiritual certainty; just be who you want to be and with that kind simple dialogue with the Lord, Grace will be granted. The only force that drives away Her protection and Grace is ego and ego’s fear. Be certain that your consciousness is one with Her’s, that Her breath is the impulse behind yours, that you exist in your physical body as a testament of Her Glory. You are not who you believe you are; you are Her Glory.

When you wake up to your own faultless Glory, your heart will surge with such intolerable shakti; with such unbearable Lightness of Love that your old separate self will die to the One Pulse—the process of merging begins with love and wonder for the ordinary day.

Once you are a child and a servant of Grace, you will live unassumingly and tirelessly to spread the prosperity of Oneness.

Much Love

Kambiz Naficy



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