Becoming You!

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When you were three years old, you knew exactly who you were and what you felt. Between then and the age of seven, you were “socialized” in school and by grown ups, and the truest part of you may have been lost in society’s rules of who you should be..

You job now is to find your lost self. Before you were told who you have to be, there was a very beautiful you, completely at One with The Force. You felt your heart, you smiled your smile, and played the game that you loved and thrived at.

If you ask me, the real meaning of life and spirituality is to become as much “you” as possible. This means breathing easy under your own skin and having self-respect just because the One Creative Force has given you life. Your self-love and self-respect should never depend on anything outside of yourself.

There is a beautiful and Great Self pulsing right under your skin–find your essence. That is you, just the way your were created. We are all unique the way we are created, and our uniqueness is our gift for survival and prosperity.

Find your core and sit at the center of your Being. Heaven on Earth means living at the center of your Self, gathering power, love, and creativity, then broadcasting your uniqueness outward.

Who is the most natural and greatest “you” that you can become?

God Speed,

Kambiz Naficy


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Does your Life Serve you?

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If you feel self-love and respect, then every aspect of your life should be serving you. This is not selfishness, rather self-mastery.

Most people are being run by their minds; but you are the boss and you should choose the thoughts that serve you. If you own a company, your life should not just be about paying salaries; are your employees serving your life while you support their lives?

If you own a second car or a vacation home, that asset should be serving you instead of burdening you. Your relationships should be the same–take a piece of notebook paper and remind yourself of all people who drain you versus all those who nourish your Soul. Give priority to the second group.

In terms of your material life, only purchase things that have a high joy-to-Dollar ratio. For example, you might buy a puppy dog for $1,000 and receive fourteen years worth of love and nourishment. Here then, the puppy has a very high joy-to-Dollar ratio.

Give of yourself, but also take what the gift of life offers–you deserve it!

Kambiz Naficy

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Call for Grace

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The God Force is a quiet teacher who boomerangs the energy of your beliefs, thoughts, and actions back to your life.

Call for Grace and abundance by imagining that you are walking hand in hand with your Creator. Broadcast this spiritual certainty to the Mind of the Universe through your beliefs, daily thoughts, and actions. Mother Nature is most pleased when your demonstrate your certainty of Oneness.

Physicists are now concluding that the Universe has a Mind; that the earth is wrapped in a net of Consciousness which is part of that Universal Mind. The tree, the mountains, and the sky over your head are all alive and pulsing with this Consciousness. Every part of nature communicates with the rest, except for the human ego that acts in isolation because it cannot speak the language of Oneness.

The forces of nature do not speak English, Swedish, Chinese, or any other formal language. Therefore, you must simply demonstrate oneness in your daily life. Once you experience the truth of Oneness, you will develop a deep reverence for all of life.

While broadcasting your spiritual certainty, you are reaching for Grace. Each time you reach for Her hand, Mother Nature takes 10 steps towards you. This mother-and-child relationship goes on for a lifetime. It is based on a loving give-and-take between you and the one who graces you.

Many Blessings,

Kambiz Naficy

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You might have spent many years, struggling to accomplish things that others do–just to survive and pay your rent.

Being lost in a big world is really hard.

Perhaps what you could never believe was that God created you to play in this world; to laugh and dance because you were perfectly created and perfectly equipped with unique qualities to survive with Grace!

Do you know that you are here in this life, because The Force wants you to be?

You might have looked everywhere, struggled terribly to collect a few coins or bills; you might have screamed in tension at your spouse or children, wondering what you might do next month…

All of this in vain, because fear and struggle are unwanted in the world of God. All you had to know is that every day, you walk hand in hand with the Force that created you, the Force that loves you unconditionally, the Force that is now breathing within you.

Everything that you were born with, your voice, the color of your eyes, your business acumen, or skills in cooking; all of those were unique gifts so that you might now play, laugh, and dance on Earth while thriving with Grace.

Hard to believe isn’t it?

That’s the only problem…




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One Heart Beating

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As long as you are alive, two more footsteps mark this earth.

As long as you are alive, one more heartbeat echoes in ether.

As long as you are alive, a fresh mind with two eyes looks on..

As long as you are alive, your presence approaches–like it or not.

As long as you are live, your voice is heard–audible or in silence.

As long as you are alive, someone’s heart beats faster when you smile.

As long as you are alive, a child might wonder, “will you be there for me?”

As long as you are alive, a parent smiles, thinking,

Look what I created!”



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Kambiz Naficy

To succeed you must know why you want to succeed. The WHY has to do with your own uniqueness and your unique purpose.

Think about every bold step that you’ve ever taken–the question is why? Find out what emotional state you have been seeking all along; what moves you beyond your maximum tolerance? What inner-state have you been seeking all your life? What does your imagined heaven look like in terms of a contented life?

Once you gain faith in your purpose, everyone who lays eyes on you will also gain faith in who you are. That is how momentum builds in your life.

When you awaken and go to sleep with the clear picture of achieving the life you deserve, you will tap into huge amounts of hidden potential. That potential is the Power of Spirit and your Spirit is a thousand fold greater than your self. Each time you tap into Spirit’s hidden potential, huge reserves of energy pour out and  you will gain even greater momentum.

Proceed day by day, step by step. Flow like a stream through your workday, taking your foot off the brakes of resistance and fear–just imagine flowing into each task with each breath that you take. 

Know that steady repetition is the key; find out why you are here, then wake up each day and do it again and again, better and better each time.

At the beginning, the wheels of progress are hesitant to turn, but each new day that you pursue a life of contentment, you will gain more momentum.

God Speed

Kambiz Naficy

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Through the Clouds


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There is someone you love deeply, but he is blind. In your heart you know your love is huge, so don’t forget and move beyond…

Remember the time when your pockets were empty? You knew you were meant for a bigger life, and you never forgot. Now your garden is filled with roses.

One time you were deadly ill, you could hardly move at all. In your Being you heard a lion roar. You kept listening until you turned a mountain on its head.

Remember that time when everything was going wrong? Just when you thought all was lost, a Voice whispered,

This too Shall Pass

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      This too shall pass






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Looking Glass

Did you know that everything you see and experience in your life must pass through the filter of your mind and consciousness? It is the filter that’s vital, not the scene that you’re observing.

If your perspective,your mind, and consciousness were to change, you would experience the same seashore differently, instantly! If you don’t like what your are experiencing in your life, just change your mind and perspective; don’t even bother changing the outer circumstances.

We can say that without consciousness there would be no one left to behold the seashore so the shore would vanish without an observer to observe it.

Sometimes you become so busy in your beehive mind that you forget to observe the beauty of your lover or child.

Then love vanishes without anyone left to notice the Beloved.

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I don’t tell you that I love you because your soul knows it

I won’t look into your eyes because emerald is richer in dreams

The Great Persian novel breathes in my heart but my fingers won’t tap it

I can’t recommend Maria Callas because it was untrained compulsion singing through her

Why speak of God when unspoken love takes courage and that much courage is overwhelming

I won’t cry at your son’s funeral; sometimes it’s just best to hold a mother’s hand

How can I compliment the butterfly? After all it’s no fashion show

The day you moved in I heard your childlike giggle and that was my reassurance.

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I a Persian poet, have come to you, Mother India, to share a gem, a secret of all times with your children. It is the secret of the falcon soaring, the palm leaves bending to the monsoon, the unassuming smile of the naked child riding the back of her elder sister. But who is the child, the older sister, the mother and the father? Does the black crow call out in random shrieks or does she imitate the vibrations and pulsations of the earth?

There is a secret of simple Oneness; the One Shakti which pulsates within Herself to create “Leela” which means the Lord’s Earthly play of a thousand masks. The Persian poet Rumi likens the Lord’s play on earth to a hall of mirrors, he hints that Brahman is both the mirror and the multi-colored faces in the mirror.

As long as any of us feel separated or smaller than the Spanda, the heartbeat of the Universe, we shall be forever struggling with Fear of loneliness, isolation, vulnerability, old age, poverty, and death. Then again, who holds the real power in a world full of aggression and competition?  The Bhagavad Gita states that no  weapon can destroy the One who has merged.

How do I merge with whom and with what, you may ask?

The secret is that you have always been your Creator’s glory. Toss away the illusions and you will quickly recognize that you the creation cannot possibly be different from THAT which created you—Ham Sa, Ham Sa…

If you sometimes miss your Lord in a moment of abandonment, then why won’t you assume the obvious—that the One Pulse that created you, is also the Mother who is missing her child? After all, She is the impulse behind your heartbeat. Why beseech Shiva, Rama, Christ, and Allah to return to your side when all the while She pulsates within you, waiting with patience for her child to give up that childish resistance? Why won’t you just come Home?

The secret of the Vedantas, Kabir, Rumi, and Hafez has always been the One Pulse, the One Glory, One Race, and One Endless Love.

All you need to do is to close your eyes and assume that the crow, the child’s smile, the Indian Ocean, and the whisper of the wind combing through the palm leaves are all One Song. Assume that your skin is thinning so that the outer and the inner-meditations are becoming one.

Just assume the Bliss and the Bliss will be there. Assume the wealth, the health, the love in your life and all will be granted as easily as the breeze flows.  The Vedas call Brahman consciousness. If the One who created you is of the substance of Pure Consciousness, then the quantum physicist will assure you that your consciousness, your thoughts, beliefs, and outlook will co-mingle with that of the Creator to create the results of your life.

Then why do we experience all this pain on earth? Well, God may not be destructive but some of your thought may very well be, and the Lord being a noble Being, will never veto what you have agreed to believe.

The language that your Lord Shiva understands is spiritual certainty; just be who you want to be and with that kind simple dialogue with the Lord, Grace will be granted. The only force that drives away Her protection and Grace is ego and ego’s fear. Be certain that your consciousness is one with Her’s, that Her breath is the impulse behind yours, that you exist in your physical body as a testament of Her Glory. You are not who you believe you are; you are Her Glory.

When you wake up to your own faultless Glory, your heart will surge with such intolerable shakti; with such unbearable Lightness of Love that your old separate self will die to the One Pulse—the process of merging begins with love and wonder for the ordinary day.

Once you are a child and a servant of Grace, you will live unassumingly and tirelessly to spread the prosperity of Oneness.

Much Love

Kambiz Naficy


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