AH-HA Moment

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There are things that we study and absorb in our mind; those are many times forgotten, and soon enough, we are caught again in our old ways.

There are ways of thinking and acting that just don’t work, and they have never worked in your life! These are your demons and they give you bad advice.

One day, when such self-created demons drive your pain to new heights, you will look deeper within to identify and disbelieve the false voices that discredit you with bad advice.

On that Holy day, you will identify the Liar in your mind, and you will obey the opposite of the Liar’s advice. In a moment of Glory, as your limiting beliefs shift, life, love, and abundance blossom before you.

Lo and behold, you will see in your heart, that you have always been deserving of a good life. At that moment of Grace, you will see clearly in your heart both the path of self-inflicted pain and which way you can always go to feel the touch of God.

Clarity in your heart, makes happiness simple and easy to find.

God Speed,

Kambiz Naficy


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Have you ever thought that your entire life can be summarized into habits?

Around and round we go, nowhere in particular, thinking that we are so free

but in a life encircled by habits, nothing really changes outside the circle, does it?

As long as you keep doing and thinking the same thing, how do you suppose change is going to happen?

Every belief, every thought, every mood, every emotion,

every action, the amount money in your pocketbook, and even your depression or happiness; all arise from habits.

Is it sad, what I’m writing you?

No! Be happy!


Because habits can change!




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See the tree near you; he is old, touch the creases on His bark.

He has watched men of power come and go


he has seen women of beauty leave and transform into stars.

Walk over and ask His permission

Embrace His trunk and seek shelter

Let his shade and wisdom grow to be your sanctuary.


Some day He will watch you leave

They might even bury you under his roots

So that you can repay Him

So that his shade and wisdom

can some day

befriend your children and grandchildren.


Kambiz Naficy





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Take your Foot Off the Brake!


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The Light that pulses in your heart, the Force that put your cells together is the same Force that runs our Universe.

That Divine Energy is in love with Her child because you were born out of Her. How Is it possible for a mother not to love her child?

That Divine Light in and around you is the Source of Creation and as such your radiant Mother is eager to shower you with all the gifts that life has to offer. But why aren’t you receiving Mother’s nurturing?

Because your biggest hesitation is to think that you came from your Creator, that God’s willpower runs through you veins, that “Abundance” is Mother’s gift of life, that you are awfully beautiful because the Force of Creation cannot create anything flawed by mistake.

God Bless

Kambiz Naficy



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Defy Gravity

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There are those who, since childhood, enjoy the company of a Friend–a friend like Wise Counsel, like a Whisper that murmurs, be still and know that you live at the Source.

We call these people “stars” because they float above daily struggles, and fear; they soar, as if riding on the palms of an Invisible Friend.

To be a star is not only being famous; in fact the brightest stars burn as unknowns; long ago having melted into the arms of a Friend–The Source.

How would you feel if you awoke each day holding hands with The Source?

Just follow your breath into Unknown depths. Have no fear of what you might find or lose because The Friend says,  when the “I” is lost in the breath, then life truly begins, and love begins where fear ends, and wisdom percolates where logic is dumbfounded, and unbounded prosperity flows from inside-out.

The Friend knows that no one can take bread from your basket. It is your Right to eat and enjoy  prosperity. 

But why are many hungry and suffering–how so?!

Because only Some know that we are Gifted at birth. It is that unique Gift that brings you prosperity. No need to chase after it because the Gift pulsates within. Breathe deep, reach inside and hold the Jewel that is you.

Each time you breathe, it is the Friend that breathes inside you. 

When you finish reading this, step away, open your arms and embrace your Friend. 

Be a Star knowing that you are Gifted!


Kambiz Naficy


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      Defy Gravity





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The Hardest Friendship


The hardest yet easiest friendship is with the Self—the core of you, your no-nonsense Essence. It should be so easy to drop the burden of pretension, to breathe and relax under your skin, all the while knowing that are alive because Tremendous Forces want you to exist.

Have a laugh today and take pleasure in the way you and your life have been sculpted.

Don’t feel alone in your uniqueness and oddities. You are not living this life of yours alone, you know; you have been decorated and ordained to be just exactly  this, with your small toe the way it looks, your tone of voice, and how the Creator paint brushed your skin.

How hard can it be to stay grounded in who you are, just the way the Force sculpted you? Not hard at all if you embrace deep contentment and confidence in your homecoming.

Come home after all these years.

There is a powerful, unperturbed kingdom within; it is called Truth and the Land of Truth need not be defended because it is Simply the Truth! It has always been there; intruders and intrusions do not penetrate. In your world, you live at one with your Self, with no distractions you steer straight for wholeness, not veering to the left or right.

From that Place of Self-respect, you have come to love others with equal appreciation.  Yet as flavorful as they are, people do make noise with their opinions and confusion.

What others might think of you is to be considered, with the spiritual certainty that nobody can know you better than your Self.

So, go on….

and welcome Home!

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Shame on you!



The emptiest feeling in the world is not knowing who you are and where you are going. Worst than that is knowing but being ashamed of who you are.

Shame makes you feel unwanted, not good enough, like there is something that you ought to hide from the world–you.

When you were born, you were pure Glory and until some adults shamed your very core  by calling out, shame on you!

Shame seeps deep under your skin and shows up as aggression, anger, depression, hopelessness, apathy, and numbness that paralyzes you when you want to follow your calling.

What happened was that some adults cast off their heavy coat of shame to cover your Glory.

You must now wake up to the Glory of the God Force breathing in and acting through you. Nothing created by nature is ever shameful.

Cast away the dirty overcoat of shame; breathe easy today, knowing that you are and have always been Pure Glory.

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Facebook: Joy of Life Organization

Facebook: Joy of Life Organization

If you want contentment, live simply.

Everything in your life should serve you instead of you slaving to maintain a lifestyle.

Know every shirt in your closet;

Know who loves you simply because you are you;

Know what you here to do.

Then, don’t look to the left;

don’t look to the right;

just look ahead knowing that love is more real than gathering things.

A life of simplicity will bring you contentment.


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Am I this or THAT?



Look at your picture when you were eighteen

Now look at your sixty-one-year-old wrinkles

Which one are you?


Look at the bills in your pocket book

Now look at the deed to your home

Which one are you?


Look at your mother

Now look at your father

Which one are you?


When your last day is done,

Look at your crib

Then look at your tombstone

Which one are you?


If your answer is “none of the above”

Perhaps you have understood.

Much Love

Kambiz Naficy

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Considered one of the eight limbs of Yoga, Yama refers to moral commandments


Kambiz Naficy


Felix who used to be Moses, who used to be Mohammad was clever and even cunning on a good day. He employed a cook named Jahan, who owned two shirts, both of them spotless, his heart an unruffled lake; Jahan ate little but enough; he served his meals right on time, never lied to his two wives, and only socialized at sunrise with the enlightened gardener, Gol who sprinkled the dusty yard with rose water and was also friendly with the chickens and plants.

One day, Jahan smiled serenely at high noon as he served Mr. Felix raisin rice steamed with a chicken who was singing just yesterday. Felix’s heavy heart lifted, seeing a smile not on Jahan’s lips but in the cook’s eyes.

How can he smile through his eyes?, wondered Felix who had just taken on a third lover, having a date that night with his second lover, having sold his useless car to his brother, having indigestion over vodka marinated in Lima beans, and having forgotten to pray before last night’s joy-party.

Felix: Jahan, are you a happy man?

Jahan: I have mostly happy thoughts, Master, does that make me happy?

Felix stared at the glistening swimming pool for a life-long moment, as if calming syrup had dripped down his Being.

Felix: Jahan, I have no wife, no children, instead I own eleven cars, an elevator that rises to my bathroom, and tomorrow I will be fifty nine. You have fed me for two decades without a complaint and even wished me safe travels when I abandoned you and this home for months. I suppose I am becoming senile, but nonetheless, today I want to will you this mansion after my passing.

With suddenly moist eyes, Jahan asked, Master what has made you deadly ill?

Felix: All of this fun, Jahan. I’ve lost my will because I’ve no more desires.

Jahan: I understand completely.

Felix: You do? Because if you do, you must have been there! Do you have a recipe for this too?

Jahan: Yes, Sir; it is Yama soup. I will stir it with love and after you drink it for breakfast tomorrow, it will only take a few precautions before your resurrection.

Felix: Damn! I’ve always detested precautions; they are for old men—then again, tomorrow  I will be fifty nine! Very well, what are the precautions after Yama Soup?

Jahan: Read a verse of Rumi’s poetry before going to sleep; do not steal from your brother, have mercy on Gol’s chickens, wash and keep only seven shirts, say Grace at sunrise as you sprinkle rose water on dirt; confess everything and find three good husbands for your immature lovers, and finally, call your high-school heart throb, Zommorod—tell her you have a present for her granddaughter’s birthday.


Together, Mohammad, Jahan, Gol, and Zommorod (the new lady of the house) lived happily ever after.






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