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I have seen so many places and traveled far, spending nights in unfamiliar hotels, airports, and making friends with people of different-colored skins. After weeks of winding roads, I return home with wrinkled suitcases, and reach for a door knob that to this day, makes my heart beat a little faster.

Is that you?!, she calls. I hope I can hear her call as long as I’m alive.

Home is that little corner of the world, a familiar place where the pillows and blankets smell like us. There is a picture of mine from when I was seven and then, twenty seven; and no place else have I seen those photos.

The pen that wrote this, rests to one side of a mug on my desk. Oh, and there is one old chair that has graciously changed her shape to embrace my bones. Delight means dropping my bags and surrendering to its cushions.

Home is the only place where I can do nothing while it is bitter cold and snowing outside. The one who knows me better than myself, makes me chicken soup that fogs my glasses; the music plays, the candles melt, as snow falls into the night.

I know this world is moving fast, but I pray that this home will be my last, for it calls me back, time and again, to my mate, my pen, to my old chair, to the smell of books, pillows, and disheveled blankets.

One day, you might visit my home, but you might not feel what I feel here.

God Bless your Home and Family..

Kambiz Naficy


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There was a time when you ran together and couldn’t stop laughing. You shared a room and some toys, and lay on your backs gazing at the stars. You told each other scary bedtime stories, and shared secrets that no one else knows. One of you protected the other in school; and you gave each other courage at the dentist’s office. Yes, it’s true that you fought a lot, but what would your childhood be without the other?

You celebrated each other’s birthdays, and may have been at each other’s graduations and weddings. When the first baby came, you could hardly believe that your baby sister has a baby of her own.

Once in a while you come together now, and there are creases on those youthful cheeks. Grown out of one childhood home, strange how your paths have now parted.

No matter how far you all are today, know that no one else can take the place of your brother or sister. Wish them well this year; send them a prayer of love and protection as they tread on their own paths.


Kambiz Naficy


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Staying Home Today

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Once in a great while just stay home and hug the ones you love; you can even hug yourself and put your feet up with a great ahhh.. Look around at what you have built and thank nature for your resolve.

Close the doors without shutting out the world; the world will be waiting when you next open the doors!

Smell your living room; it smells like your family. This home is where kindred souls have gathered together for just a short while to laugh, sometimes cry, and eat in order to grow, and give birth to new ones, so we can make our way back Home..

Enjoy yourself at home today because we are all just safe-keepers of our homes and when every season draws to a close, we move on and on until what’s left is Light..

Joyous Holidays,

Kambiz Naficy


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Happiness as a decision takes power.

To dive into pain and come up with joy, that’s power.

In a divorce, the one who walks away with love and well-wishes, holds the power.

Perseverance toward a Greater Self demands power.

One mind persuading a million; that takes power.

Power is giving hope to the hopeless.

Having an inner-life with personal boundaries is power.

Contentment in solitude means power.

To have power is to turn an enemy to a friend.

Innocence wields more power than cleverness.

Power means living your Truth above all else.

Those who hold power have seen through fear.

Power means softening around your vulnerabilities then rising to great heights.

 To walk hand in had with the Force that made you, yields power.

Silence holds power; as a person of a few words commands attention.

To be in love with the day, that is power!

Living your life fully is a life empowered.

Take this power and join the circuit

To electrify and inspire.

Kambiz Naficy



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Time is not real; it never existed and never will.Time past, is gone forever because it wasn’t there to begin with!

You will find a Great Void in the space between two thoughts and the pause between two breaths; in that Void of Silence, time vanishes.

Only your inner-state is real; when you are joyful time passes quickly and when in pain, time slows down.

Think about your own life-span, although you are now an adult, you might remember so much of your past vividly, as if the space of time between then and now were an illusion.

Line up four of your pictures from the time you were four, fourteen, twenty four, and now. Look into those eyes and you will find the same Soul.

When a handsome ladies’ man turns old, his eyes and mind remain young, as if nothing has changed; it is only the appearance of his aging body that no longer fits his routine!

Time is elastic, meaning that you can either fit a few chores into an hour or stuff dozens of chores into the same time-slot. On days that you only have a couple of things to do, you might consume your entire day with just a couple of chores. On pressured days that are packed with critical tasks, you wind up accomplishing everything within the same space of time.

What we call a lifetime is an album of recollections—moments of love, courage and faith, events, challenges, rags to riches, etc.. It is only when we paste these mental images together, that we come up with a continuum of time.

Meanwhile, everything in life has its own time. Life is made up of cycles that begin and end like the ebb and flow of the sea. These life-cycles are organized by the wisdom of Natural Law rather than the movement of the minute-hand on the face of a clock.

A life well spent is the best, most peaceful, loving and enjoyable life in between the time we are born and the time we die.

Till Eternity

Kambiz Naficy


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A Second Life


They met in a second life, by chance. After her divorce she prayed on a balcony for another family, and just that day,  he was looking for God in India when Mother asked him to come home for the New Year.

What a New Year….

The first time they went off on a trip, there was some One Untouchable next to their embrace. As if nature was happy with this union of late age.

Together they built slowly, but not slowly her son grew up to go far away, only to court a beauty of his own. It is hard to see him now, but life is good with lots of work and mealtimes in a twosome on a veranda by the willow.

Her hair has turned gray but it sways under a straw hat that he thinks is her. She hasn’t stopped laughing like a girl and he is less stubborn, wiser in knowing certain things.

Last week they went off to the mountains looking for snow, but they remembered it was summer. The sun shimmered on Aspen trees. 

High noon on the Rockies, they held each other in a world too big.

She turned and asked, do you promise to remember this forever?

Why? a smile broke his wrinkles.

Because everything comes to pass….

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Free Will


God gives you the free will to choose your self-identity and your self image. Based on your self image and and your expectations of life, you will be broadcasting messages to the conscious God Force. This is how you manifest your life-results, through the beliefs that you project outwards.

Never look to the external appearance of your present life to gauge your future potential. Whatever currently exists in your life is simply a manifestation of the past beliefs and thoughts that you have already projected out to the conscious God Force. To change the results of your life now, you  must first conjure up images of a different life that you desire from here onward.

There is a time lag between the life that you are conjuring up in your imagination and the actual manifestation of these thoughts. Do not worry about this delay; the true masters have learnt to manifest quickly. To manifest your dreams quickly you need to pay attention to these fundamentals of manifestation:

– Be clear about your purpose and the exact life that you want to create.

– Imagine the loveliest, the most joyful circumstances that you dare imagine.

– Choose a life that creates very powerful desire. Powerful desire pierces space and penetrates the Creative Force deeply.

– Focus intensely as to be consumed with you ideal life. That kind of concentration will push out all other distracting thoughts.

– Walk around all day literally feeling as if you are already living the life that you have conjured up in your imagination. Employ your five senses to feel, smell, hear, taste, touch, and see that life.

– Have faith that the conscious God Force (pure consciousness) is constantly aware and is being influenced by your recurring beliefs, thoughts, and expectations.

– You can only manifest in the present moment, in the NOW. Never mind the future or the past.

– Having that faith in your power of imagination and manifestation, wake up each morning, and take actual steps in the direction of your ideal life. You must demonstrate your spiritual certainty by taking steps toward your ideals.

– Never be attached to the results; results are none of your business; results are already taken care of–Just BE the one you want to BE. Beingness is the key.

You have the choice to choose from an infinite number of possibilities since the Silent Ocean of Creation called The Unified Field is just bubbling with every imaginable possibility.

Remember, as far as the God Force is concerned, you are just as free as your imagination allows you to be.

Many Blessings and Have Fun Manifesting

Kambiz Naficy


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