AH-HA Moment

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There are things that we study and absorb in our mind; those are many times forgotten, and soon enough, we are caught again in our old ways.

There are ways of thinking and acting that just don’t work, and they have never worked in your life! These are your demons and they give you bad advice.

One day, when such self-created demons drive your pain to new heights, you will look deeper within to identify and disbelieve the false voices that discredit you with bad advice.

On that Holy day, you will identify the Liar in your mind, and you will obey the opposite of the Liar’s advice. In a moment of Glory, as your limiting beliefs shift, life, love, and abundance blossom before you.

Lo and behold, you will see in your heart, that you have always been deserving of a good life. At that moment of Grace, you will see clearly in your heart both the path of self-inflicted pain and which way you can always go to feel the touch of God.

Clarity in your heart, makes happiness simple and easy to find.

God Speed,

Kambiz Naficy


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Why you are Loveable

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Love means offering one’s self to another; if you are hiding your natural self or your ego is faking it, then you either have nothing to give or what you are giving is a lie.

The most loveable part of you is your most authentic and simple self. You should understand that your unguarded innocence is very sweet and disarming. You might think that your romantic partner is attracted to your adult self, but most people are attracted to and love the innocent child that lives inside your heart.

Nature created you with no mistakes and knows where your mate is. But my question is, do you know this? If you don’t, then someday you will have to open your eyelids, and when you awaken to your own beauty, then everything will go your way.

Never go hunting for love; just know that it is there waiting when the doors of your heart fling open with Self-love. Your greatest strength and attractiveness will appear when you make peace with who you are. Then, you will be surrounded by love!

It is not possible to feel mediocre or flawed, and yet love other people. Accepting who you are, bursts the heart open, and in that state, you will go out and proudly share your Being with the world. As you do, your huge energy and all the gifts that the God Force planted in you, will electrify those whose lives you touch.


God Speed,

Kambiz Naficy



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Hold Fast to your Center

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Self-confidence means being confident that you have a self, a center. When you accept and love who you are, you have a center and your center extends out and connects with the center of the Universe. That is what I mean by Oneness. Someone who is centered and knows that he breathes with the Creator, is supremely self-confident.

A life of Simple Being means self-containment, your ability to maintain a private inner-life where you can conceive and give birth to ideas, aspirations, and personal truths without distractions infringing on you.

When you are connected to the center of your Being, you develop healthy boundaries which protect your inner-life. Personal boundaries are not for keeping secrets from loved ones; self-respecting individuals need to spend quiet time with a beautiful inner-life; this may take the form of sweet solitude in nature, artistic activities, keeping a diary, or engaging in a favorite hobby. When you maintain healthy personal boundaries, others also respect your privacy because they intuitively know that they cannot infringe.

Love yourself so we can Love you more..

Kambiz Naficy


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Call for Grace

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The God Force is a quiet teacher who boomerangs the energy of your beliefs, thoughts, and actions back to your life.

Call for Grace and abundance by imagining that you are walking hand in hand with your Creator. Broadcast this spiritual certainty to the Mind of the Universe through your beliefs, daily thoughts, and actions. Mother Nature is most pleased when your demonstrate your certainty of Oneness.

Physicists are now concluding that the Universe has a Mind; that the earth is wrapped in a net of Consciousness which is part of that Universal Mind. The tree, the mountains, and the sky over your head are all alive and pulsing with this Consciousness. Every part of nature communicates with the rest, except for the human ego that acts in isolation because it cannot speak the language of Oneness.

The forces of nature do not speak English, Swedish, Chinese, or any other formal language. Therefore, you must simply demonstrate oneness in your daily life. Once you experience the truth of Oneness, you will develop a deep reverence for all of life.

While broadcasting your spiritual certainty, you are reaching for Grace. Each time you reach for Her hand, Mother Nature takes 10 steps towards you. This mother-and-child relationship goes on for a lifetime. It is based on a loving give-and-take between you and the one who graces you.

Many Blessings,

Kambiz Naficy


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Missing Heaven?

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Sometimes the mind says:

I want to immigrate to somewhere sunny;

I want to change this old car;

I want a younger lover to make me feel young;

I need to toss my wardrobe because I am sick of these old clothes;

I could have done more with my life…


But when the heart opens to self-love, to a Conscious God Force pulsing everywhere, 

then, the song of the village rooster is enough;

a snow-capped mountain is a majestic testament;

a warm hug is all the safety in this world;

and sleeping with a calm conscious is like owning a diamond.


You might be living in heaven now, yet insisting on finding it elsewhere!


Kambiz Naficy




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Crazy Mind


Be wise enough not to believe your mind. The mind left to its own, is crazy; like a child who is looking for Mamma’s comfort and cannot find it. The mind looks on the outside for comfort, for contentment and of course, it is always disappointed and heartbroken in a crazed way.

This little, stubborn child, your mind, will keep jumping back and forth, from topic to unrelated topic, obsessing over chapters and episodes of your life, all out of sequence; all the while, this mind remains thirsty for centeredness and contentment.

Your mind will perceive something and transform itself into whatever it is perceiving! You can watch a James Bond movie as movie-watcher but low and behold, after a few moments, your mind transforms itself into the mind of a British spy.

What is equally true is that your mind cannot distinguish between imagined reality and reality of the NOW. Whatever scenario or thought comes rushing in through the floodgates of your mind, will be accepted as reality–regardless of the Truth  that may be staring you in the eyes.

Don’t think of your thoughts as so interesting; they are just noise driving you away from making contact with life in the moment. Life exists only in the NOW and for as long as you are swept away by your own thoughts, you will never embrace God in the NOW. 

Watch your mind like a Great Witness, tell yourself, I don’t believe and won’t follow this beehive of a mind–I will watch it instead. Interesting to know that when your mind knows that you  are “minding it”, the mind will instantly become docile and quiet. All you need to become a Sage is to have the intention of minding your mind. Don’t force quietude, let your mind rant and blabber, yet know deep inside that you are the Mind of God–The Great Witness and nothing less.

Because your mind transforms itself into whatever you allow inside, you can turn your fortune around by purposely thinking and visualizing the best. Continue doing this, and soon enough, your mind will believe that you deserve and have the best of life. Then your actions and life-results will fall in line accordingly and soon enough, you really will have the best that life has to offer.

Much Love

Kambiz Naficy


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Seeing the Obvious



What lies before you, is usually the last thing you notice.

Most people can’t believe that they can walk their own path and attract the prosperity that that is their Divine right.

You were born in the image of your Creator and in that way, you possess some of your Creator’s unique talents and powers. Since this unique set of talents is part of your Essence, you might not see them because they have always been there.

When there is no contrast to distinguish, for example the color white from black, you might be blinded. So it is with your Essence that has always been there.

Your job is to identify how and in which activity you flow gracefully and effortlessly. What is it that never tires you?; which circumstance brings passion to your heart with a childlike enthusiasm? What do you naturally do better than others?

When you find THAT, you have found your Glory, the Glory of God implanted in your heart. Follow THAT and you will reap many rewards.

One word of caution my friend, if you turn your attention back to the money and possessions that Grace attracts, the Holy Gift will shrink and eventually wither away. But if you just flow with your Essence and celebrate God’s Glory within you,  joy and prosperity will grow without limits. 

Be yourself and enjoy heaven right now. Heaven is trusting and flowing with the talents and Grace that God has bestowed. All the rest will follow without you concern.


Kambiz Naficy

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Sail on…..


If you are Captain, then site your Highest Self 

and keep sailing…

Navigating chaotic waters 

will challenge you to uncover even more;

the more seasoned you become,

the more lightly you’ll float.

On those freezing nights

with no land in sight,

look beyond horizons unknown,

imagining, living as though

you have safely arrived.

Never mind the crew down below, bickering forever, following every glimpse of hope. My father taught me that a whole flock of sheep can follow the sheepdog right off the ridge.

Sea salt has dried your fears;

there is no turning back

for one who is Spirit

breathing into this body.

Kambiz Naficy


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Shame on you!



The emptiest feeling in the world is not knowing who you are and where you are going. Worst than that is knowing but being ashamed of who you are.

Shame makes you feel unwanted, not good enough, like there is something that you ought to hide from the world–you.

When you were born, you were pure Glory and until some adults shamed your very core  by calling out, shame on you!

Shame seeps deep under your skin and shows up as aggression, anger, depression, hopelessness, apathy, and numbness that paralyzes you when you want to follow your calling.

What happened was that some adults cast off their heavy coat of shame to cover your Glory.

You must now wake up to the Glory of the God Force breathing in and acting through you. Nothing created by nature is ever shameful.

Cast away the dirty overcoat of shame; breathe easy today, knowing that you are and have always been Pure Glory.

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Forgetting Who you Were

Kambiz Naficy www.joyoflifeorganization.com

Kambiz Naficy

We all live in our skulls believing that everyone else sees the same world.

Life is not life that!

Everyone else lives in their own skull, and therefore in a world different from the one you live in. Though there are no seven billion worlds, there are seven point five billion minds.

We all grow old because the same old ideas create the same old life, over and over again.

How joyful, how childlike life would be if we were to break out of our prisons!

Today identify beliefs and thoughts that keep you bound. Wake up today and every time you are drawn to the same old thoughts, whisper through an exhalation,

I am free for the rest of my life! that other person is gone; that old me doesn’t exist anymore.

Meet each circumstance as if through a new pair of eyes. Do this for a day, for one day act and think with spiritual certainty that “the old limited self is gone, vanished forever.” Act as if you are free of self-imposed limitations because this new self doesn’t even remember the old ideas.

By midnight you will see that there are no forces out there limiting you–only limited thoughts playing in your head like an old, scratched record.

Today, act as if you are free of that old self and within one week your life will expand out with the freedom of choice.

This will happen right before your eyes.

God Speed

Kambiz Naficy

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