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I have seen so many places and traveled far, spending nights in unfamiliar hotels, airports, and making friends with people of different-colored skins. After weeks of winding roads, I return home with wrinkled suitcases, and reach for a door knob that to this day, makes my heart beat a little faster.

Is that you?!, she calls. I hope I can hear her call as long as I’m alive.

Home is that little corner of the world, a familiar place where the pillows and blankets smell like us. There is a picture of mine from when I was seven and then, twenty seven; and no place else have I seen those photos.

The pen that wrote this, rests to one side of a mug on my desk. Oh, and there is one old chair that has graciously changed her shape to embrace my bones. Delight means dropping my bags and surrendering to its cushions.

Home is the only place where I can do nothing while it is bitter cold and snowing outside. The one who knows me better than myself, makes me chicken soup that fogs my glasses; the music plays, the candles melt, as snow falls into the night.

I know this world is moving fast, but I pray that this home will be my last, for it calls me back, time and again, to my mate, my pen, to my old chair, to the smell of books, pillows, and disheveled blankets.

One day, you might visit my home, but you might not feel what I feel here.

God Bless your Home and Family..

Kambiz Naficy


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We can Both Eat


God doesn’t make problems for you; problems come from one’s wrong thinking and low consciousness. You can always choose between Truth and illusion; Truth is simple; Truth comes from the center of your heart; it comes through the present moment; and it comes from love, not from fear.

Illusion begins with the first wrong thought; the problem with illusion is that it sends out branches and tentacles and it gives birth to multiple other illusions.

So any problem that you may have right now began with one root illusion; find the one root of the one wrong thought and you see that the one original wrong perception or belief has now created multiple problems in your life.

There is really no choice between truth and illusion because every problem of yours can be simply solved at the level of right thinking, perception, and belief.

All of the world’s difficulties arise from the illusion that if somebody else wins you’re going to lose; this WIN/LOSE attitude creates all of the strife in this world. In reality the unified field of consciousness is unbounded and there’s enough for all of us; all we have to do is learn how to manifest through our consciousness.

At the wellspring of creation, survival is not a problem and therefore fear and violence cannot survive.

Kambiz Naficy


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