Defy Gravity

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There are those who, since childhood, enjoy the company of a Friend–a friend like Wise Counsel, like a Whisper that murmurs, be still and know that you live at the Source.

We call these people “stars” because they float above daily struggles, and fear; they soar, as if riding on the palms of an Invisible Friend.

To be a star is not only being famous; in fact the brightest stars burn as unknowns; long ago having melted into the arms of a Friend–The Source.

How would you feel if you awoke each day holding hands with The Source?

Just follow your breath into Unknown depths. Have no fear of what you might find or lose because The Friend says,  when the “I” is lost in the breath, then life truly begins, and love begins where fear ends, and wisdom percolates where logic is dumbfounded, and unbounded prosperity flows from inside-out.

The Friend knows that no one can take bread from your basket. It is your Right to eat and enjoy  prosperity. 

But why are many hungry and suffering–how so?!

Because only Some know that we are Gifted at birth. It is that unique Gift that brings you prosperity. No need to chase after it because the Gift pulsates within. Breathe deep, reach inside and hold the Jewel that is you.

Each time you breathe, it is the Friend that breathes inside you. 

When you finish reading this, step away, open your arms and embrace your Friend. 

Be a Star knowing that you are Gifted!


Kambiz Naficy

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      Defy Gravity





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Through the Clouds


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There is someone you love deeply, but he is blind. In your heart you know your love is huge, so don’t forget and move beyond…

Remember the time when your pockets were empty? You knew you were meant for a bigger life, and you never forgot. Now your garden is filled with roses.

One time you were deadly ill, you could hardly move at all. In your Being you heard a lion roar. You kept listening until you turned a mountain on its head.

Remember that time when everything was going wrong? Just when you thought all was lost, a Voice whispered,

This too Shall Pass

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      This too shall pass






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Burn Like Gold


Do you have any idea how much gold lies within you?

To find your gold, you have to burn away the tar that chokes your heart. Place yourself into the fire of a life fully lived, so you can find your gold.

Love fully, laugh fully, dance fully, worship fully, give of yourself fully until you burn your Ego into Gold.

Face your fire by hearing the Voice of Courage. What is courage saying to you? How do you drown that voice? 

Practice faith and courage, they are muscles that grow with a life fully lived.

Examine the lies you tell yourself; laugh at them, let them burn in the fire of Truth. Know that your Soul, the Truth of your heart, is the eagle that soars.

You face your fire when there is no turning back. You are fearless whenever you must excel. You will achieve when you must achieve. 

Let your self-doubt burn in the fire of commitment–commitment to a beautiful life fully lived.

Much Love

Kambiz Naficy





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This paper monster of fear keeps leaping in and out of your life, a real joker who wears a thousand masks, scaring you, fooling you every time!

How strange to realize that all those scares were false alarms. How many times have you been worried and scared since kindergarten ? How many instances really came true?

What a waste of time each time we gasp, slump down, give up on dreams that were ours to keep.

And what about all those times that you didn’t say I love you because love is wild and you were afraid of it? And those times when you forgot to rise and dance to the morning Glory, because fear fooled into thinking that something was wrong?

Every time you fear, you surrender your god-given power to someone or something outside of your self. Your Being is where power lies; don’t give power away to anything outside of your Self.

Just because you exist, means that God Wills you to exist—you are God’s Willpower. So why surrender life, love, your integrity and your life’s calling to some paper monster called Fear?

Each time the monster confronts you, gather your forces and look Her straight in the eyes. Breathe deep and keep staring at fear, while repeating, I know your masquerade, your tricks, and your masks are unreal.

Breathe slowly and chant this until the fear vanishes.


Much Love

Kambiz Naficy


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The Hardest Friendship


The hardest yet easiest friendship is with the Self—the core of you, your no-nonsense Essence. It should be so easy to drop the burden of pretension, to breathe and relax under your skin, all the while knowing that are alive because Tremendous Forces want you to exist.

Have a laugh today and take pleasure in the way you and your life have been sculpted.

Don’t feel alone in your uniqueness and oddities. You are not living this life of yours alone, you know; you have been decorated and ordained to be just exactly  this, with your small toe the way it looks, your tone of voice, and how the Creator paint brushed your skin.

How hard can it be to stay grounded in who you are, just the way the Force sculpted you? Not hard at all if you embrace deep contentment and confidence in your homecoming.

Come home after all these years.

There is a powerful, unperturbed kingdom within; it is called Truth and the Land of Truth need not be defended because it is Simply the Truth! It has always been there; intruders and intrusions do not penetrate. In your world, you live at one with your Self, with no distractions you steer straight for wholeness, not veering to the left or right.

From that Place of Self-respect, you have come to love others with equal appreciation.  Yet as flavorful as they are, people do make noise with their opinions and confusion.

What others might think of you is to be considered, with the spiritual certainty that nobody can know you better than your Self.

So, go on….

and welcome Home!

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Crazy Mind


Be wise enough not to believe your mind. The mind left to its own, is crazy; like a child who is looking for Mamma’s comfort and cannot find it. The mind looks on the outside for comfort, for contentment and of course, it is always disappointed and heartbroken in a crazed way.

This little, stubborn child, your mind, will keep jumping back and forth, from topic to unrelated topic, obsessing over chapters and episodes of your life, all out of sequence; all the while, this mind remains thirsty for centeredness and contentment.

Your mind will perceive something and transform itself into whatever it is perceiving! You can watch a James Bond movie as movie-watcher but low and behold, after a few moments, your mind transforms itself into the mind of a British spy.

What is equally true is that your mind cannot distinguish between imagined reality and reality of the NOW. Whatever scenario or thought comes rushing in through the floodgates of your mind, will be accepted as reality–regardless of the Truth  that may be staring you in the eyes.

Don’t think of your thoughts as so interesting; they are just noise driving you away from making contact with life in the moment. Life exists only in the NOW and for as long as you are swept away by your own thoughts, you will never embrace God in the NOW. 

Watch your mind like a Great Witness, tell yourself, I don’t believe and won’t follow this beehive of a mind–I will watch it instead. Interesting to know that when your mind knows that you  are “minding it”, the mind will instantly become docile and quiet. All you need to become a Sage is to have the intention of minding your mind. Don’t force quietude, let your mind rant and blabber, yet know deep inside that you are the Mind of God–The Great Witness and nothing less.

Because your mind transforms itself into whatever you allow inside, you can turn your fortune around by purposely thinking and visualizing the best. Continue doing this, and soon enough, your mind will believe that you deserve and have the best of life. Then your actions and life-results will fall in line accordingly and soon enough, you really will have the best that life has to offer.

Much Love

Kambiz Naficy

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Is Constant Unfolding Possible?


The Self or the Soul is limitless. Your truest Essence which is Pure Light sustaining your physical body, is as Infinite as outer space.

You will never stop unfolding on your journey toward the Soul, because each step that you take towards your Being, your Being will simply float out ten steps further.

This game will go on until your identity transforms from one of a human living in your physical cage to a Being of Light, at One with the Oneness of All.

Unfolding is not possible without courage. By courage I mean the spiritual certainty that the greatest happiness and joy lie in the Unknown.

Each time you dare to defy fear; each time you slip into the vastness of meditation, each time you break through limited beliefs, you are essentially stepping into the Great Unknown where heaven awaits.

Within the Unknown, you will find the heaven of freedom, of flowing with the day, of releasing your ultimate fate to Natural Law.

Love is not a mood; love is wild and the fearful Ego cannot tame this stallion of love. To really unfold, you must love from the core of your Being, without negotiating or haggling for the price of love. The price you pay for love is huge, yet in Absolute Unconditional Love, you will unfold into a Greater Being.

How could you not unfold when every moment of your life is now unfolding before your eyes? You have the choice to resist what the moment brings, but in that case, the moment will continue flowing with or without you.

Resisting the moment is like missing the bus to heaven—over and over again!

Breathe deep and be like an autumn leaf floating on the rapids.

If Light is where you came from, let Light sustain you, and ride that Light back home, when it’s time.

In this way, your unfolding will never stop even after five thousand physical lives.

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