Seeing the Obvious

What lies before you, is usually the last thing you notice.

Most people can’t believe that they can walk their own path and attract the prosperity that that is their Divine right.

You were born in the image of your Creator and in that way, you possess some of your Creator’s unique talents and powers. Since this unique set of talents is part of your Essence, you might not see them because they have always been there.

When there is no contrast to distinguish, for example the color white from black, you might be blinded. So it is with your Essence that has always been there.

Your job is to identify how and in which activity you flow gracefully and effortlessly. What is it that never tires you?; which circumstance brings passion to your heart with a childlike enthusiasm? What do you naturally do better than others?

When you find THAT, you have found your Glory, the Glory of God implanted in your heart. Follow THAT and you will reap many rewards.

One word of caution my friend, if you turn your attention back to the money and possessions that Grace attracts, the Holy Gift will shrink and eventually wither away. But if you just flow with your Essence and celebrate God’s Glory within you,  joy and prosperity will grow without limits. 

Be yourself and enjoy heaven right now. Heaven is trusting and flowing with the talents and Grace that God has bestowed. All the rest will follow without you concern.


Kambiz Naficy

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Sail on…..


If you are Captain, then site your Highest Self 

and keep sailing…

Navigating chaotic waters 

will challenge you to uncover even more;

the more seasoned you become,

the more lightly you’ll float.

On those freezing nights

with no land in sight,

look beyond horizons unknown,

imagining, living as though

you have safely arrived.

Never mind the crew down below, bickering forever, following every glimpse of hope. My father taught me that a whole flock of sheep can follow the sheepdog right off the ridge.

Sea salt has dried your fears;

there is no turning back

for one who is Spirit

breathing into this body.

Kambiz Naficy

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Shame on you!


The emptiest feeling in the world is not knowing who you are and where you are going. Worst than that is knowing but being ashamed of who you are.

Shame makes you feel unwanted, not good enough, like there is something that you ought to hide from the world–you.

When you were born, you were pure Glory and until some adults shamed your very core  by calling out, shame on you!

Shame seeps deep under your skin and shows up as aggression, anger, depression, hopelessness, apathy, and numbness that paralyzes you when you want to follow your calling.

What happened was that some adults cast off their heavy coat of shame to cover your Glory.

You must now wake up to the Glory of the God Force breathing in and acting through you. Nothing created by nature is ever shameful.

Cast away the dirty overcoat of shame; breathe easy today, knowing that you are and have always been Pure Glory.

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