Kambiz Naficy

If you obsess about it, it will shrink your mind.

If you worry about it, it will worry you even more.

If you love only it, it won’t let you love anyone else.

If you count it everyday, you will count less and less each day!

If you love your work and don’t think about it,┬áit will chase you all day.

If you think you’re too Holy to mind it, it will starve you to rags.

If you disrespect it and insult the rich, it will leave you or someone will steal it away.

If you think green paper has power over you, it will do just that!

If you have faith that your Soul, that your talents create wealth, you will wag your magic wand and manifest mountains of it.

If you think that it will bring you love, you are wrong; if you think that it can solve many problems, you are right!

Wishes for Lasting Prosperity

Kambiz Naficy

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