A Second Life


They met in a second life, by chance. After her divorce she prayed on a balcony for another family, and just that day,  he was looking for God in India when Mother asked him to come home for the New Year.

What a New Year….

The first time they went off on a trip, there was some One Untouchable next to their embrace. As if nature was happy with this union of late age.

Together they built slowly, but not slowly her son grew up to go far away, only to court a beauty of his own. It is hard to see him now, but life is good with lots of work and mealtimes in a twosome on a veranda by the willow.

Her hair has turned gray but it sways under a straw hat that he thinks is her. She hasn’t stopped laughing like a girl and he is less stubborn, wiser in knowing certain things.

Last week they went off to the mountains looking for snow, but they remembered it was summer. The sun shimmered on Aspen trees. 

High noon on the Rockies, they held each other in a world too big.

She turned and asked, do you promise to remember this forever?

Why? a smile broke his wrinkles.

Because everything comes to pass….

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Forgetting Who you Were

Kambiz Naficy www.joyoflifeorganization.com

Kambiz Naficy

We all live in our skulls believing that everyone else sees the same world.

Life is not life that!

Everyone else lives in their own skull, and therefore in a world different from the one you live in. Though there are no seven billion worlds, there are seven point five billion minds.

We all grow old because the same old ideas create the same old life, over and over again.

How joyful, how childlike life would be if we were to break out of our prisons!

Today identify beliefs and thoughts that keep you bound. Wake up today and every time you are drawn to the same old thoughts, whisper through an exhalation,

I am free for the rest of my life! that other person is gone; that old me doesn’t exist anymore.

Meet each circumstance as if through a new pair of eyes. Do this for a day, for one day act and think with spiritual certainty that “the old limited self is gone, vanished forever.” Act as if you are free of self-imposed limitations because this new self doesn’t even remember the old ideas.

By midnight you will see that there are no forces out there limiting you–only limited thoughts playing in your head like an old, scratched record.

Today, act as if you are free of that old self and within one week your life will expand out with the freedom of choice.

This will happen right before your eyes.

God Speed

Kambiz Naficy

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The Big and the Small



In this world, there are big and small-minded people. If you associate with the small people, you will become small-minded and eventually won’t be able to imagine a bigger life.

Keep the company of the Grand Ones and you will grow to heights unimagined by yourself. 

Love both types; it’s not your job to judge anyone, but when you associate with the small-minded, stay focused on who your really are.

Much Love to Both

Kambiz Naficy

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Serene Running Waters


If you are seeking true calmness and serenity, you must make friends with your Soul.

Sit down one fine day and make an oath with your Soul to work and cleanse your character. Promise your best friend, the Soul, never to lie, cheat, sleep with many women, kill, or become intoxicated.

That promise is between the two of you–your conniving ego and your authentic Self. No one else will applaude you for this, and no one should even know about this private oath to clean up your act.

Keep cleansing your character and you will find in the beginning that it’s no so easy; there is lots of heat involved in inner-cleansing. That heat will burn up your ego and stretch your will. Keep polishing your character until you come clean.

One fine day, you will arrive at the end of this trial as a noble man, a trustable man, a focused one, a sober man, a compassionate soul accountable to all of society.

On that day, you will feel the serenity of deep running waters coursing through you.

God Speed

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Kambiz Naficy

If you obsess about it, it will shrink your mind.

If you worry about it, it will worry you even more.

If you love only it, it won’t let you love anyone else.

If you count it everyday, you will count less and less each day!

If you love your work and don’t think about it, it will chase you all day.

If you think you’re too Holy to mind it, it will starve you to rags.

If you disrespect it and insult the rich, it will leave you or someone will steal it away.

If you think green paper has power over you, it will do just that!

If you have faith that your Soul, that your talents create wealth, you will wag your magic wand and manifest mountains of it.

If you think that it will bring you love, you are wrong; if you think that it can solve many problems, you are right!

Wishes for Lasting Prosperity

Kambiz Naficy


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There are times when everything you try just won’t work to your advantage. You put in your best effort and think about every angle of success but the doors keep shutting in your face.

During very difficult and trying times, you need to be philosophical. Ask yourself, what is the God Force trying to say to me? Release all resistance and do not allow your ego to fight to the bitter end.

The forces of nature are wise; let them gently guide you. Put your head down and say, dear Lord this time I really don’t know the answer, come into my life, guide me and show me the way. I make an oath that Thy will be done.

When everything around you is in chaos and everyone is fighting you and resisting, come home to your breath, to your meditation, to you prayer rug. Come back to your inner-sanctuary and listen to your inner-wisdom.

When you gather yourself within, while outside there is fighting and chaos, you disarm those who wish you harm.

Be at Peace My Friend and Step Lightly Today

Kambiz Naficy

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Looking Glass



Did you know that everything you see and experience in your life must pass through the filter of your mind and consciousness? It is the filter that’s vital, not the scene that you’re observing.

If your perspective,your mind, and consciousness were to change, you would experience the same seashore differently, instantly! If you don’t like what your are experiencing in your life, just change your mind and perspective; don’t even bother changing the outer circumstances.

We can say that without consciousness there would be no one left to behold the seashore so the shore would vanish without an observer to observe it.

Sometimes you become so busy in your beehive mind that you forget to observe the beauty of your lover or child.

Then love vanishes without anyone left to notice the Beloved.

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