Facebook: Joy of Life Organization

Facebook: Joy of Life Organization

If you want contentment, live simply.

Everything in your life should serve you instead of you slaving to maintain a lifestyle.

Know every shirt in your closet;

Know who loves you simply because you are you;

Know what you here to do.

Then, don’t look to the left;

don’t look to the right;

just look ahead knowing that love is more real than gathering things.

A life of simplicity will bring you contentment.

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You are not Alone


You are not alone, you never have been; you just thought you were because you lost the keys to your heart.

When you lose your way to heart and Soul, you have lost everything my friend;

and when you lose everything, you feel really alone.

All along there have been beautiful people knocking

but with a civil war inside, how can you hear anyone knocking?

How did you start a civil war anyway? How did you manage to live in a

self-created hell for twenty years?

Perhaps it all started when someone came to you with their troubles and you drowned 

in their troubles thinking that you could make them happy if only you could give

all of yourself away.

You pleased and gave it all away, and away until one day

there was no more of you to spare .

Hopelessly, before you would end your life, you looked his way and the damned man was still unhappy!

A Blessed day,  the day that you began to live, you realized that it wasn’t your burden to make the unhappy happy; after all happiness  

was their decision from the start. And worse, you found that most of the unhappy are very happy being unhappy!

On that Blessed day, you stamped out of hell and resigned your self-appointed post as

Her Majesty the Queen of Co-Dependents.

Spending a few months cloud-gazing, loving the starved child within, 

you danced along the dunes, singing

easy, easy; life is too good to be true!

One night you kissed someone who felt easy;

and the next day you kicked up the sand,

only to find the keys to your heart.

Now even when you stare into the fire, your spouse and little one asleep, you are not alone–

You never were sweet child.

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