Knowing that….

There is a deep peace in quiet understanding. There is nobility in understanding the underlying reasons behind everything. There is the innocent love that forgiving children possess, in that quiet understanding and acceptance of everyone and everything, your heart will be filled with compassion.

You might stare out at that ocean with the moon shinning on its ripples and know that everything just IS the way it IS simply through a play of Intelligent Light on earth.

 Access that Intelligence in the gap between two thoughts and you will understand everything with inner-peace and forgiveness.

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The Teacher

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If you pray earnestly to the One Above for the end of misery and fear; if you pray for a loving mentor who will change your life with that first hello; one day soon you will hear a “hello.”

He who greets you is your Mentor, Guide, Teacher, and Guru. He is more than a father because he knows your Essence better than you know yourself. He knows what you are capable of hearing-he knows what to say, who to say it to, and when to say it.

With that first “hello” your life will never be the same again. That first meeting is the greatest miracle in your life because later you might find that there was your life before that meeting and a very different life after that meeting. 

The mentor wastes no time with apologies, sweet talk, or excuses. He does not need you; you need him. Every single one of his thoughts, words, and actions are aimed at helping you achieve contentment and success from inside-out. His intention is unconditional love–nothing else.

The Guru’s energy vibrates at high frequencies, and in line with Natural Forces. This is why the Realized Teacher electrifies your body with the Holy Spirit which then attracts Grace to your life.

Years after meeting your Guru, Grace will still be trickling down on you, and sadly yet, some people forget where it all came from.

Be careful not to forget who graced your life. Do not bring yourself bad luck by disrespecting the Guide. 


Throw you pride into the sewer and talk earnestly to God.

Pray for a Self-Realized Mentor to take your hand.



Kambiz Naficy

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