Just Next to You


Hello My Friend;

What makes life a chore, a bore, is a life devoid of variety and freshness. Step outside of your mindframe; it isn’t that the moment is stale; no, every nano-second is dripping with freshness like morning dew.

You ought to know that standing just next to you is the Other You that you haven’t gotten to know yet. The Other one will have kissed the girl that you did not dare; the other one began medical school at the age of forty two; the other one befriended cancer and defeated the pest; the other you dropped out of engineering school and became the Chinese pianist. All of this, the Other You would have done if only you had known that standing just next to you is the undiscovered Self.

You see your neighbor sees your neighborhood differently than you do; your own son sees life differently than you do. Who is right then–you or your son? Well,everyone is right because what one sees is the only reality that one sees.

The enlightened one is driving in the street right now . Behind the steering wheel he recites the mantra–there must be another reality just as I am driving through my own. There must be thousands of realities and each one that I believe will take me sailing like a small boat in an infinite ocean.

Bon Voyage!

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Contentment is a decision; decide to be happy then decide to be content. It doesn’t come in one day for contentment takes practice.

Follow your natural calling and you will find contentment. Do not compare yourself with anyone for you will be discontented. Throw out some old shoes and shirts if your closet is too full–remember that contentment comes from simplicity. Simplify your life– four cars require four oil changes!

If you love and accept yourself deeply and without condition, you will find contentment. If you were the only blue fish in an aquarium full of orange fish, would you be content with your uniqueness?

Your five senses are designed to want and want and want. Do not even try to satisfy your five senses; the shopping mall may bring instant gratification but it doesn’t bring contentment.

Close the gap between you and your ideal self.The gap between where you are now and where you want to get to creates discontentment.

Realize your highest potential; be the greatest you that you can be, for if you stagnate, you will not be content.

Much Love

Kambiz Naficy

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