Hello My Friend;

Your self-concept impacts your self-confidence, how you carry your body, the mate that you choose, how much money you make, the risks that you take, and how fully you live your life.

Your self-concept is the mental image that you hold of yourself and it is just a thought. It has nothing to do with reality of your undiscovered self (who you truly are).

That mental image is only based on what you have experienced so far, not all of what you are capable of becoming.

To explain what I am saying, let’s say twelve months from now, you are to travel from Ohio to the Himalayas, but have not done so today. Then presently you have no idea that you have the capacity and courage to travel from Ohio to the Himalayas. Therefore your self-concept in terms of your sense of courage and adventurism is not a reflection of your true, hidden potential.

The second problem with your self-concept is that your mental self-concepts are based on personal interpretations and wrong conclusions that you came up with when you faced difficult situations in the past. For example, many grown-up children of divorced parents actually interpreted the divorce as proof of their own worthlessness. The mental rhetoric goes something like this,

If I were worth anything at all, Dad would not have left me and mom to go have a daughter with another woman.

People who take massive leaps of transformation, must go through three steps:

1.      They must first realize and truly believe that they possess undiscovered potentials within that have not yet been unveiled.

 2.      Having come to that realization, they must then risk and step out into the unknown, and demonstrate spiritual certainty through daily acts of faith and courage. Of course, no one would dare take a leap of fate unless they believed that they would survive it and live to enjoy the rewards.

 3.      Having taken the leap of fate, and having risked the Great Unknown, they must show up on “Harvest Day” and collect their rewards for courage, faith, and defying fear.

Many people with a low sense of self-worth go through the first two steps but sabotage themselves by never showing up to reap the rewards of a life’s work.

Make a vow today to dig deeper, to explore and test your unrealized potential.

That is the path to greatness.


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