Keep on Building

Destroying something is so much easier and faster than building something. So, Strive to build something every day of your life.

A thriving and meaningful life is built one step at a time. Every morning when you wake up make a vow  to build something of your life; perhaps building a deeper relationship with your spouse, building more trust between you and your child, or writing a new page of your book, maybe adding something to your savings, hiring the first employee for your new company; or even deepening your meditation.

In this way you will be building your life one step at a time, and there is a lot of gratification in gradually building something out of nothing. One day, years later, when you look back at your glorious life, you see that all of it was intentionally built one step at a time.

Every night before you go to sleep, review your day and ask yourself “what have I built today?”

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We can Both Eat


God doesn’t make problems for you; problems come from one’s wrong thinking and low consciousness. You can always choose between Truth and illusion; Truth is simple; Truth comes from the center of your heart; it comes through the present moment; and it comes from love, not from fear.

Illusion begins with the first wrong thought; the problem with illusion is that it sends out branches and tentacles and it gives birth to multiple other illusions.

So any problem that you may have right now began with one root illusion; find the one root of the one wrong thought and you see that the one original wrong perception or belief has now created multiple problems in your life.

There is really no choice between truth and illusion because every problem of yours can be simply solved at the level of right thinking, perception, and belief.

All of the world’s difficulties arise from the illusion that if somebody else wins you’re going to lose; this WIN/LOSE attitude creates all of the strife in this world. In reality the unified field of consciousness is unbounded and there’s enough for all of us; all we have to do is learn how to manifest through our consciousness.

At the wellspring of creation, survival is not a problem and therefore fear and violence cannot survive.

Kambiz Naficy

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Times Change


There are times when your friends are too busy

All is fine, embrace yourself, times change

There are times when you risk it all and pray very hard

All is fine, embrace yourself, times change

There are times when waiting and longing for love is fruitless

All is fine, embrace yourself, times change

There are times when times are hard and pockets are empty

All is fine, embrace yourself, times change

There are times of misunderstanding when you are misunderstood

All is fine, embrace yourself, times change

There are times when you are angry at God

All is fine, embrace your Self, for you are God

Many Blessings

Kambiz Naficy

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Free Will


God gives you the free will to choose your self-identity and your self image. Based on your self image and and your expectations of life, you will be broadcasting messages to the conscious God Force. This is how you manifest your life-results, through the beliefs that you project outwards.

Never look to the external appearance of your present life to gauge your future potential. Whatever currently exists in your life is simply a manifestation of the past beliefs and thoughts that you have already projected out to the conscious God Force. To change the results of your life now, you  must first conjure up images of a different life that you desire from here onward.

There is a time lag between the life that you are conjuring up in your imagination and the actual manifestation of these thoughts. Do not worry about this delay; the true masters have learnt to manifest quickly. To manifest your dreams quickly you need to pay attention to these fundamentals of manifestation:

– Be clear about your purpose and the exact life that you want to create.

– Imagine the loveliest, the most joyful circumstances that you dare imagine.

– Choose a life that creates very powerful desire. Powerful desire pierces space and penetrates the Creative Force deeply.

– Focus intensely as to be consumed with you ideal life. That kind of concentration will push out all other distracting thoughts.

– Walk around all day literally feeling as if you are already living the life that you have conjured up in your imagination. Employ your five senses to feel, smell, hear, taste, touch, and see that life.

– Have faith that the conscious God Force (pure consciousness) is constantly aware and is being influenced by your recurring beliefs, thoughts, and expectations.

– You can only manifest in the present moment, in the NOW. Never mind the future or the past.

– Having that faith in your power of imagination and manifestation, wake up each morning, and take actual steps in the direction of your ideal life. You must demonstrate your spiritual certainty by taking steps toward your ideals.

– Never be attached to the results; results are none of your business; results are already taken care of–Just BE the one you want to BE. Beingness is the key.

You have the choice to choose from an infinite number of possibilities since the Silent Ocean of Creation called The Unified Field is just bubbling with every imaginable possibility.

Remember, as far as the God Force is concerned, you are just as free as your imagination allows you to be.

Many Blessings and Have Fun Manifesting

Kambiz Naficy

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Manifest Don’t Create



There is only One Force in this world and it is the Creative Substance; it is Light and it is conscious of you and me; and it is made of consciousness.

The Light of Consciousness is malleable and forms itself around the repetitive thoughts and beliefs that you broadcast out into space. Space or Akasha is the House of God; it is where the God Force pulsates, vigilantly, ever-aware of what you are mentally broadcasting toward Her.

When your thoughts and beliefs collide with the invisible and malleable Creative Force, that Force molds itself around your idea of what your life should be. At the exact moment of that collision, you manifest into your life exactly what you expect your life to be.

You see, it is never a question of Creation, for in the Silent and Unified Field of Consciousness, the seed for every creation is already present; every possible potential is bubbling with enthusiasm to come into existence. It is not you who creates, because the seed of creation is already pulsating in space.

All you have to do is conjure up the notion of the life you want and then release the thought into space without attachment to the results.You cannot act or struggle to manifest anything; the very best you can do is to just “BE” what you want to become. Walk about with the feeling that what you want to manifest is already yours. Claim your desired outcome with the certain and intense feeling that you have already arrived! Broadcast that feeling of spiritual certainty every moment of your life.

That feeling of already having arrived will quickly influence the dance of the electron, and you will see that what you claim as yours, that feeling of spiritual certainty, quickly manifests into physical reality.

Claim your Dream My Friend

Kambiz Naficy

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