A young butterfly reinvents itself and flies out of her cocoon ; yet we who are born so free, later crawl into our cocoons–Why? Because we are “socialized” early on to mimic others. Many people lose themselves and think that they are their car, their IPad, their clothes, title, and money.

You cannot access authentic power and self-confidence for as long as you pretend to be someone else. You will find the zenith of your glory when you follow no one. You are the ultimate goal; even today you are work in progress; you are your own ideal; if you never imitate anyone, you will find deep contentment and peace.

Life around you is ever-changing and even the atoms that build your world are vibrating and shifting. This never-ending change is natural law and nature never repeats herself.

Mediocrity is a myth; I have never met anyone who was mediocre, just one who was confused about her identity.

You are the Great Unknown; no matter how deep you dig, you will continue to unravel and unfold into the mystery of your Soul. Make it a rule to step into some unknown every day, for your greatness lies in that Unknown.

Anything predictable is a loss of beauty. Let your life be a river; it is not up to you where it flows; just be a leaf and ride your days, witnessing, mindful, and grateful that you are one with Natural Law.

Much Love,

Kambiz Naficy

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The Big Nugget

The biggest diamond in the world is consciousness or wisdom. The happiest people are those with the wisdom to see through all of life’s traps. Life is now very complicated; there are so many ditches that an unsuspecting soul can fall into, that only a very wise person can navigate their way to joy and contentment.

The yogic Vedas or ancient scriptures of yoga describe God as Pure Consciousness or Infinite Wisdom. The whole world is only a thought-world; everything you see around you  first began with a thought. The fact that you even exist right now is a result of your parents’ thought! Look at the results of what you have created so far in your life, and you will have an idea of what your recurring thoughts have focused on.

Some people ask, how can I think, act, and speak like a noble and wise person?  Well, everything that you think, say, and do arises from your consciousness; when your consciousness rises, you rise as person. The happiest people are always the wisest people.

How can you raise your consciousness? Take a few minutes, twice a day, close your eyes and relax your mind by following your inhalation and exhalation. Let the busy mind sway on the hammock of the breath. Let all your thoughts float out of your nostrils with each slow exhalation; watch the thoughts float into space and just hang there. If you breathe, deeply, slowly, and rhythmically, a silent gap will develop between two thoughts.

That moment feels like you are mindful and alert and at the same time empty of thought. That is a state of Pure Consciousness and in those few seconds, your mind will bathe in the Light of wisdom.

Each time you come out of that state and think, speak, and act, you will be spontaneously conducting your life in the optimal way.

God Speed

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