Joy Thermostat

How much joy do you really deserve?

If God gave you love, wealth, comfort, perfect health, and bliss all in the same week, could you breathe deep, open up your arms  and simply say,


Think about your last seven days and ask yourself, what percentage of my energy was spent on nurturing myself and what percent of my time and energy was wasted on self-sabotage?

All the things you do to trip yourself up and prevent yourself from becoming the greatest you, are forms of self-sabotage. Smoking, watching too much television, fighting with your children and spouse, socializing with the wrong crowd, procrastinating and not seeking higher opportunities, not exercising or meditating, are all examples of self-sabotage.

If you love yourself deeply and without condition, the majority of your daily thoughts, words, and rituals will be constructive, and will serve your highest purpose.

Most people believe that humans have a low tolerance for pain and suffering; hardly anyone believes that we can also have a limited tolerance for joy, comfort, wealth, and unconditional love. 

What temperature is your joy-thermostat set to?

Ask yourself these questions:

Does the Light of God shine within me?

Do I deserve plenty of love in my life?

Do I deserve to have money and comfort?

Do I deserve to be happy without feeling guilty about it?

You deserve everything that God has to give because you came from Her. God’s creation cannot be different from its Creator.

May Grace Follow your Footsteps.

Kambiz Naficy

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