All or Nothing

When Rostam was seventeen

he searched the land

for his highest goal.

Before he set his sights, he met the merchant with the millions, the blind violinist with the passion, the womanizer with the three concubines, the clever politician, and the priest on the mount.

On his sixtieth birthday we met in his garden. By then, he competed with no one, looked twelve years younger; his eyes spoke to his wife and child; he lived his passion night and day, touching the lives of thousands.

By then,

he had plenty in the bank

but just enough to sleep well at night.

I asked him about the highest goal

                              To have it all

he said…

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Joy Thermostat

How much joy do you really deserve?

If God gave you love, wealth, comfort, perfect health, and bliss all in the same week, could you breathe deep, open up your arms  and simply say,


Think about your last seven days and ask yourself, what percentage of my energy was spent on nurturing myself and what percent of my time and energy was wasted on self-sabotage?

All the things you do to trip yourself up and prevent yourself from becoming the greatest you, are forms of self-sabotage. Smoking, watching too much television, fighting with your children and spouse, socializing with the wrong crowd, procrastinating and not seeking higher opportunities, not exercising or meditating, are all examples of self-sabotage.

If you love yourself deeply and without condition, the majority of your daily thoughts, words, and rituals will be constructive, and will serve your highest purpose.

Most people believe that humans have a low tolerance for pain and suffering; hardly anyone believes that we can also have a limited tolerance for joy, comfort, wealth, and unconditional love. 

What temperature is your joy-thermostat set to?

Ask yourself these questions:

Does the Light of God shine within me?

Do I deserve plenty of love in my life?

Do I deserve to have money and comfort?

Do I deserve to be happy without feeling guilty about it?

You deserve everything that God has to give because you came from Her. God’s creation cannot be different from its Creator.

May Grace Follow your Footsteps.

Kambiz Naficy

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Dear Friend;

It is impossible to land in a good place without first visualizing it. If you are at a good place in life, envision the next better quality of life. If you have nothing now and are living at your lowest point, again envision the next better place to land in life.

Never mind where you are at now; the results of your present life are not accidental. whatever circumstances you are now in is the result of whatever you have already consciously or subconsciously envisioned before. 

Change your imagination and your beliefs will change. Change your beliefs and your actions will change. Change your actions and the results will quickly change. 

Make it your religion to create your life from inside-out. Spend time every day envisioning your unique and joyful life. Visualize it in detail and only envision the end result, not the details of how that life will materialize.

When you see that end-result, feel the emotions that you would feel once you get there–employ your five senses and see, touch, smell, hear, and feel yourself once you have arrived.

If you cannot feel those emotions or if you cannot envision your ideal life, explore the stories of other individuals who are already living the life that you want to be living. Research these lives, their typical daily schedule, how they feel, when and how they made their first breakthrough. This kind of research will open your eyes to the possibilities of living in heaven on earth.

If you cannot envision where you want to go, you will lack motivation, you will be distracted, and lose your way.

Great Wishes for you,

Kambiz Naficy

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Here, There, Everywhere is You.

You say you have lost yourself? How can that be when you are living inside of you?

The only way to lose one’s self is to get lost in the mind. When the mind believes all that is going on in the outside world, you get distracted and you lose yourself in a huge shopping center called THE WORLD.

Become mindful and follow your breath to come back Home. This is called Homecoming. When you are not sleeping, you take 21,600 breaths per day. If you become mindful and follow even 1,700 of these, you can reach a state of heavenly enlightenment within a few months–no thoughts, no worries, no sadness, no guilt, no shame–just breath comes in, breath goes out.

When you are looking at a flower, just follow your breath and don’t turn to the person next to you and say, look at this magnificent flower! The minute you say that, your words and thoughts about the flower interfere with the magnificence of the flower and you lose the moment.

When you lose the moment, you lose your Self.

Your head and your thoughts are full of dreams, not the utter reality of this moment. Anything related to the past or the future is now just a dream. Even what you call my life story is a self-created collage of past impressions and snapshots recorded on the CD of your mind. When you glue all these mental pictures together, you call that collage Me or my life story.

Drop the story and you will see that the movie, the distortions, the regrets, the future anxieties, the personal interpretations that hurt your self-confidence all vanish in a POOF!

What is left?



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You Must

At this very moment, the world is suffering from millions of meaningless, frustrated lives.

Your Soul will never rest until you reach the zenith of your growth and who you really are.

Who you really are has nothing to do with your present level of self-confidence or who you think you are. Who you think you are is only based on what you have already seen of yourself; but what about the Great Unknown? Can you see where you will be five years from now?

You have no choice but to grow because the law of motion creates constant change. To flow with life’s constant motion, you have no choice but to keep on moving while you adjust your course,  and continue to grow some more.

If you dodge your biggest fears and settle down to a static comfort on your couch, your life will feel meaningless, like a failure, and you will end up frustrated.

You may have accumulated millions at some point in your life, but when you stop self-actualizing, even your hard earned belongings will ultimately lose their meaning.

Do not study “normal” people, let the super-normal become your role models. Normal is mostly mediocre; have you noticed how the lives of billions is being run by just a few extraordinary people? 

Step out into the Unknown and follow your calling to become the greatest “you” that you can be.

Please do not die before it’s time to go!

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