Lost Yourself?


Kambiz Naficy (www.joyoflifeorganization.com)

Have you lost yourself? How can you if you have been living inside you?

The only way you can lose your Self is to not live inside yourself. But if you are not in you, where have you been?

In your mind! In your thoughts! In your dreams. Each time you believe your rambling thoughts, you are dreaming, you are not here; and if you are not here, you are not alive.

Your Self (Soul) is always waiting for you to come back home; just stop nurturing scattered thoughts. Become disinterested in rambling thoughts. If you see something beautiful, don’t turn to your lover and say, “do you see that beautiful flower?” ┬áThe minute you utter words to describe beauty, you have lost the flower and the moment where the flower breathes.

Just wash dishes when you are washing dishes.

Just make love when making love.

Just notice your wife even after thirty five years.

Stand in a balcony; stare at shimmering leaves; just look, don’t interpret; just notice and breathe.

After the restlessness, something beautiful will happen.


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