Your Life Story is a Dream

Kambiz Naficy (www.joyoflifeorganization)

Kambiz Naficy

Just yesterday, today was the future; and tomorrow, this instant will be the past.

As you step through time, your mind records memories and impressions; your mind thinks and you believe your thoughts to be reality–just like you believe your dreams when you are dreaming.. As soon as you think and you believe your thoughts, the concept of time is created. If your mind were silent, there would be no past, present, and future. There would only be a silent ocean of existence, Being. There is lightness and joy in the thoughtless moment.

Do not regurgitate your “life story”; that story is made up of memories and images impressed on your mind. Now, at this moment, all those memories are but a dream; they are vapor so do not become entangled and engaged with your memories and life story.

It is interesting that when you are dreaming, you believe your dream. You may wake up from an awful dream and suddenly realize that the whole thing was a dream. How relieved you are to find that your nightmare was just a dream, but when you are in the nightmare, you are experiencing it as utter reality.

Your life today is like that dream; your past and your worries about the future are just puffs of cloud today; they are nothing but vapor.

Stay awake, witness yourself in the past, as if you were watching a movie star playing a fine role. Do not identify with yourself as that actor or actress in the past, just witness.


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