Facebook: Joy of Life Organization

Facebook: Joy of Life Organization

Today I had a good lunch and in my heart

I hoped that all people could have lunch.

A big dog licked my toe and I wished

pure love for all of our children.

A  breeze combed the shimmering leaves

and I prayed

that a blind man might see it.

A bird sang to me as I was sipping my tea

and I prayed

for sweet solitude and peace in every garden.

The funny thing was, that I felt no guilt,

for it is always guilt

that poisons love.

Today I felt love

that’s all …

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Dear Friend;

There is only One Source of life and the pairs of opposites are simply offshoots of the One.

Imagine the one Sun shinning on the surface of a lake, and twenty people lazing around the beach will see twenty different suns reflecting off the lake surface.

This is a mind-world and each one of the seven billion people watching the same scene will superimpose their own unique twist or personal observations on the One Truth.

We live in a world of contrast and opposites–anxious and calm, old and young, rich and poor, darkness and light, etc… Without contrast we would not be able to recognize anything. A fish that has never been fished out of water, does not even recognize its own Source of Life–water.

What if the God Force were pulsating in the space around your face right now and giving you tiny, Holy kisses? Could you recognize her love showering down on you?

No, because you cannot recognize something in the nothingness of space. In space there is no contrast because you have empty space inside the atoms of your body as well as space on the outside of your existence.

Without contrast, you do not see God and because god is everywhere, there is no contrast, only Oneness. Oneness cannot be taught by any Guru or Guide. To merge with Oneness, you must be free enough to directly merge with Oneness through the experience of Samadhi or Nirvana.

To be spiritual, is to be free from the pairs of opposites. If you used to have a voracious sexual appetite for women, then you regretted that life and became a monk on a mountain top, you have not achieved a thing! You have simply swung like a pendulum from the bondage of lust to the bondage of moving away from all women or not daring to look up at any woman’s face.

Hot and cold are just relative degrees of the One temperature; they are not two different dimensions.

True Yoga means being true to yourself, being yourself, being Real. Find out who you really are–your tastes, values, priorities, and passions–then live them!

The true saint is free.

That is Yoga.

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Lost Yourself?

Kambiz Naficy (

Have you lost yourself? How can you if you have been living inside you?

The only way you can lose your Self is to not live inside yourself. But if you are not in you, where have you been?

In your mind! In your thoughts! In your dreams. Each time you believe your rambling thoughts, you are dreaming, you are not here; and if you are not here, you are not alive.

Your Self (Soul) is always waiting for you to come back home; just stop nurturing scattered thoughts. Become disinterested in rambling thoughts. If you see something beautiful, don’t turn to your lover and say, “do you see that beautiful flower?”  The minute you utter words to describe beauty, you have lost the flower and the moment where the flower breathes.

Just wash dishes when you are washing dishes.

Just make love when making love.

Just notice your wife even after thirty five years.

Stand in a balcony; stare at shimmering leaves; just look, don’t interpret; just notice and breathe.

After the restlessness, something beautiful will happen.


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Kambiz Naficy

Kambiz Naficy

Dear Friend;

If you are judging others, you are judging yourself.

 If you are judging yourself, then find your inner-sanctuary, who you really are. In your inner-sanctuary, you will come to a spiritual certainty of your beauty and worth. Then, you will simply stop judging  .

If you are anxious and fearful in this world, find your inner-sanctuary, who you really are. In your sanctuary, you will come to a spiritual certainty that you are safe and being carried on the palm of a big, big hand. Then you will never be anxious or fearful on the inside or the outside.

If you use and abuse others, be sure that is also what you do with yourself. You use others because you are uncertain of your own powers.

Find your inner-sanctuary, who you really are. In your sanctuary, you will come to a spiritual certainty that you are empowered by the Will of God, the same will that made you grow in your mother’s womb. Then you will never again ride on the back of others for your own sustenance.

If you do not experience abundance, that is because you are focused on lack and poverty.

Find your inner-sanctuary, who you really are. In your sanctuary, you will come to a spiritual certainty that your share is as great as that of others, the certainty that the Life Force that sustains this universe, continues to create unlimited resources for all of its creations. 

Follow your breath deep inside and I wish you safe travels to your authentic and empowered Self.

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Heads or Hearts

Kambiz Naficy (

Your heart is where your courage is; your head will argue why it can’t be done.

Your heart has always known your destiny; your head might look around, see no one like you, and slowly back out of who you were meant to be.

Your heart really knows how to love, without an agenda, without that feeling of “what’s in it for me?” Your mind might be guarded thinking, after all so and so gave so much of herself and look at what happened; in the end, so and so shattered her heart!”

Your heart can feel a pulse beating in this whole universe, like all of it is alive! Your mind believes your senses and your senses tell your mind that  what is not visible can’t be trusted.

Is love visible? Can you touch courage? Can you hear freedom? Can you taste wisdom?

The center of your greatness is inside. Every great thing you have ever created has risen from the inside out.The outside is beautiful; feel free to walk around and look around, but if you ever believe that what’s on the outside defines you, you will lose your way.

Strive for a rich inner-life and you will be rich in every way.

Many Blessings,

Kambiz Naficy

Youtube Channel: kambiznaficy

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Your Life Story is a Dream

Kambiz Naficy (www.joyoflifeorganization)

Kambiz Naficy

Just yesterday, today was the future; and tomorrow, this instant will be the past.

As you step through time, your mind records memories and impressions; your mind thinks and you believe your thoughts to be reality–just like you believe your dreams when you are dreaming.. As soon as you think and you believe your thoughts, the concept of time is created. If your mind were silent, there would be no past, present, and future. There would only be a silent ocean of existence, Being. There is lightness and joy in the thoughtless moment.

Do not regurgitate your “life story”; that story is made up of memories and images impressed on your mind. Now, at this moment, all those memories are but a dream; they are vapor so do not become entangled and engaged with your memories and life story.

It is interesting that when you are dreaming, you believe your dream. You may wake up from an awful dream and suddenly realize that the whole thing was a dream. How relieved you are to find that your nightmare was just a dream, but when you are in the nightmare, you are experiencing it as utter reality.

Your life today is like that dream; your past and your worries about the future are just puffs of cloud today; they are nothing but vapor.

Stay awake, witness yourself in the past, as if you were watching a movie star playing a fine role. Do not identify with yourself as that actor or actress in the past, just witness.


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