Considered one of the eight limbs of Yoga, Yama refers to moral commandments


Kambiz Naficy


Felix who used to be Moses, who used to be Mohammad was clever and even cunning on a good day. He employed a cook named Jahan, who owned two shirts, both of them spotless, his heart an unruffled lake; Jahan ate little but enough; he served his meals right on time, never lied to his two wives, and only socialized at sunrise with the enlightened gardener, Gol who sprinkled the dusty yard with rose water and was also friendly with the chickens and plants.

One day, Jahan smiled serenely at high noon as he served Mr. Felix raisin rice steamed with a chicken who was singing just yesterday. Felix’s heavy heart lifted, seeing a smile not on Jahan’s lips but in the cook’s eyes.

How can he smile through his eyes?, wondered Felix who had just taken on a third lover, having a date that night with his second lover, having sold his useless car to his brother, having indigestion over vodka marinated in Lima beans, and having forgotten to pray before last night’s joy-party.

Felix: Jahan, are you a happy man?

Jahan: I have mostly happy thoughts, Master, does that make me happy?

Felix stared at the glistening swimming pool for a life-long moment, as if calming syrup had dripped down his Being.

Felix: Jahan, I have no wife, no children, instead I own eleven cars, an elevator that rises to my bathroom, and tomorrow I will be fifty nine. You have fed me for two decades without a complaint and even wished me safe travels when I abandoned you and this home for months. I suppose I am becoming senile, but nonetheless, today I want to will you this mansion after my passing.

With suddenly moist eyes, Jahan asked, Master what has made you deadly ill?

Felix: All of this fun, Jahan. I’ve lost my will because I’ve no more desires.

Jahan: I understand completely.

Felix: You do? Because if you do, you must have been there! Do you have a recipe for this too?

Jahan: Yes, Sir; it is Yama soup. I will stir it with love and after you drink it for breakfast tomorrow, it will only take a few precautions before your resurrection.

Felix: Damn! I’ve always detested precautions; they are for old men—then again, tomorrow  I will be fifty nine! Very well, what are the precautions after Yama Soup?

Jahan: Read a verse of Rumi’s poetry before going to sleep; do not steal from your brother, have mercy on Gol’s chickens, wash and keep only seven shirts, say Grace at sunrise as you sprinkle rose water on dirt; confess everything and find three good husbands for your immature lovers, and finally, call your high-school heart throb, Zommorod—tell her you have a present for her granddaughter’s birthday.


Together, Mohammad, Jahan, Gol, and Zommorod (the new lady of the house) lived happily ever after.






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The Man who Loved

Kambiz Naficy (www.joyoflifeorganization.com)

Kambiz Naficy (www.joyoflifeorganization.com)

Before he had possessed; before he had looked with lust, not knowing that lustful eyes turn the other into a statue–an object. It had been over since love was drowned in lust.

A new season brought with it a Beauty and in Her he lost himself with the word hello. Helpless, there was nothing left of the man, he wanted so much for her that he felt helpless in gifting the universe. Naked at heart, all he could do was to behold lovingly, admiring all the more innocently her soul. In time, through her grace, he also looked lovingly at the stripes of the tiger, the floating snowflake, and the sway of the samovar.

Gradually nothing more was left but emptiness, as his self vanished into love, Bliss engulfed the person. Only instinct remained, that of giving, surrender, of overflowing incessantly with no space to take.

He had loved her so, that she rose to uniqueness, to splendor, to her own fragrance unmatched by any other. Sometimes, in her garden, she would turn quickly to catch him looking lovingly, as if bewildered, drunk with fresh shades of beauty. In his look, she caught reflections of her Self, a Self unknown even to her.

That whole winter he floated in opera, staring at the fire, seeing her in the fire, himself on fire until one night saying a prayer, he looked to God and whispered, Lord only She is the Source of Bliss; in her I find you, so you must help me possess her forever.

When he awoke next, love was gone and so was she.

Kambiz Naficy

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Ask for Life

Kambiz Naficywww.joyoflifeorganization.com

Kambiz Naficy

Hello Dear Friend;

Nature always moves to fill in a vacuum. Whenever there is a need or a lack, natural forces intervene through infinite intelligence and infinite resources to bring life back to balance.

Your life is part of nature and therefore under the control of an all-knowing Life Force. This Life Force commands unlimited resources and it moves lovingly to fulfill your unmet needs.

Your part in all of this is to set higher goals, ask for Grace, and not resist what is given. If you want your life to expand this very day, simply set higher goals and challenges for yourself. The all-knowing God Force knows that in facing  bigger challenges, you will need more resources such as creativity, problem-solving skills, courage, money, information, and encouragement.

Amazingly enough, once you commit yourself with no chance of stepping back, natural forces quickly move in to take care of all shortages. Again, your role is to truly commit, ask for Grace, and not resist the Grace that begins to flow in.

In this new year, set your marks high, protect yourself from self-limiting thoughts, and imagine nothing but victory. You have all of 2013 to do it– day by day and one day at a time.

Be well and rise high like the eagle,

Kambiz Naficy

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