Is your Door-Knob on the Outside?

Kambiz Naficy

Not having an inner-life, not having a self to come back home to is like being a door with the door knob on the outside—anyone can just walk in on your life.

One of the biggest treasures in the world is having a self, an inner-sanctuary that you can come back to when leaving the outer-chaos. As you know, all of us are social beings and we all need love to thrive, so leaving our social life for an inner-life is not an option. Though your journey of self-realization is a lone journey, you don’t have to live a lonely life.The point is staying close to your essence while in social situations.

People, who lack an inner-life and personal boundaries, cannot say “no” to others.Others can just walk in and take your precious belongings—not necessarily objects, but your inner-belongings.The American Indians had a saying that one should never share one’s biggest inspirations and aspirations until that dream or project manifested into reality.

Have you ever shared personal information that you should not have? Does everyone know what you’re up to everyday? An inner-life has boundaries, that means knowing where you begin and where others end.

Think about the kind of quiet comfort and confidence that come from knowing one’s path and life-calling. Contentment comes from knowing who you are and where you are headed. It takes a lot of faith to walk your own path and not be distracted.To know one’s talents, motivations, priorities, emotional states, and talents involves persistent pursuit of self-knowledge.

Soon enough, you will come home to your Self, to your breathing, your emotional landscape, your heartbeat, and your aspirations. You will come to know which people and circumstances feed or otherwise starve your Soul. With this homecoming, it will feel real easy to meet yourself.

Those who have an inner-life have no qualms about showing their essence to others.That is a powerful state of innocence, contentment, and self-confidence.

I wish you a joyous homecoming in every way.

Kambiz Naficy

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Bored with this Holiday?

In all of nature, only humans can be bored. Plants and animals are never bored because they live by instinct; humans live through the mind.

Your mind can take a dip and fall out of deep awareness. Awareness of what? Awareness of the aliveness of this moment. Is there anyone there in this present moment? Yes, when you are following your breath with vigilance, you will sense a Presence in this moment–that Presence is the core of you, your Soul.

Whenever you wake up bored, it is only because your goals have become too small for your evolving Soul.Your Soul is never bored because it is Light and light keeps moving. Keep moving towards becoming more, not just your bank account; but more of your own undiscovered self.You will see that no matter how many layers you shed, there are still more and greater selves.

Something stirs your unformed potential; get to know that Force. When you make friends with Her, you will merge with The Force that turns this world. Humans may be bored in their minds, but The Creative Force is never bored.

Trust and lay your life in Her hands; you will never be bored again. When you tune into Her, once in a while she will whisper something in your heart; be brave and follow Her Voice, just keep moving until the old selves peal off and new ones grow on you.

An unlived life is boring isn’t it? What if living fully, with deep self-love, would turn this life into a celebration, a short Holiday?

Much Love

Kambiz Naficy

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Kambiz Naficy

Hello Dear Friend;

There is a difference between thinking and seeing. When we think, our thoughts superimpose themselves on the moment and we stop seeing and experiencing life. Seeing happens when a still mind merges with consciousness or mindfulness.

Only problems invented by the mind can be solved by thought. All issues related to your inner-landscape need to be felt and dealt with through Being and mindfulness.Through too much thinking we are missing nature’s cues and solutions to our inner-problems.

We cannot think about life, we have only to experience and live deeply in the moment. Meditation means quieting the mind to a state much like deep sleep except it’s also wide awake with keen alertness.

Life just happens when we are fully present and swimming in it. We cannot predict or control it much; we can only swim in its tides, fully conscious and alert.

Have a Wonderful Holiday,

Kambiz Naficy

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Keen Awareness

Kambiz Naficy (

Kambiz Naficy (
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Lack of awareness lies at the root of human suffering. Anything that you do without attention and mindfulness is in vain and in error.

The ancient Indian yogic scriptures, the Vedas, explain that God is consciousness itself. Because the God force is made of consciousness, for you to be aligned with God and life itself, you must be extremely awake and attentive to the smallest task that you perform moment by moment.

For more than 50 years now quantum physicists are stating that human attention and human intention influence the atoms and electrons, and that we humans can manifest our own destinies by placing our unwavering attention and focus on a particular outcome.

Please do not be absent from your own life; your life needs you! When your attention is absent from your own life; when you do not know your own inner landscape, you are living among the walking dead on earth. Most people are dead and do not feel their inner self. Most people have no clue who they are and they have no clue about their core essence.

Notice how often we humans look for electronic gadgets, other people, and all sorts of distractions in order to spend some time away from ourselves.You must make daily arrangements to meet yourself, to get to know yourself at the very root. Do not back down, do not distract yourself.

Don’t get me wrong, having an inner life is different from being anti-social. Once you come down to greet yourself and truly know yourself, you will fall in love with your own soul. With deep self-love your social life and your love life will improve dramatically.

The way to know yourself is to become easy in your own company. To become easy with your own company you must follow your breathing; you must spend time reading uplifting books; you must write down your diaries; you must spend time in nature; you must spend time with artistic activities; and you must spend time in prayer and meditation. Getting along with yourself requires an inward gaze. Having in inner life and knowing your inner landscape is nothing boring.

On the contrary, people who are always looking for external approval, distractions, and socializing, are in a way beggars begging for the company of superficial things outside of their own being. Being an emotional beggar is a bore.

In order to really know your own inner landscape, you must come face to face with the root of all your issues, fears, and doubts. For example, if you have spent the last 10 years without a mate in seclusion, the root of your problem may not be loneliness at all. The root may lay several layers deeper in your own lack of self-worth and deservedness.

Most people that I know keep themselves busy by just doing. Understand that work holism or pure doingness will not get you to peace and contentment. This is because keeping busy and just doing without knowing who you are and where you are headed is like laying bricks on a building structure without an architectural plan.

Come to understand that nothing on the outside (doing) can change your inside–who you are at your core. For example, if you think that studying for an MBA is going to make you feel more worthy or secure deep down; or if you think that getting a salary increase is going to make you feel more loving and kind, you are wrong! The core of your character can only change when your sub conscious beliefs change about who you are. Greet yourself kindly and more regularly through daily meditation and prayer (inward gaze) in order to develop self-love.

Instead of just distracting yourself by keeping busy, take some time to get to know yourself. Which are your core values? What are your life priorities? What do you like spending your time on most? Which are your true passions? What would you regret not doing if you were to die six months from now?

Write down your goals for the next week, for the next three months, for six months, for the next year and five years. Make sure that your eyes regularly come across your list of goals. Paste pictures that represent the kind of life you are seeking and look at those pictures or symbols regularly. Know that your subconscious mind which controls so much of your future grasps pictures and mental images much better than words and sentences.

In the present moment there is a Presence which we call the Witness in spirituality. When your mind is clear and calm; when there are less thought bubbles in your mind, there is a kind of intelligence that surfaces.That inner tranquility is a quality of the soul, the quality of just being. It is as if there is a very powerful and centered Presence within your inner silence.

Exercises in Staying Present and Gaining Self-Knowledge

  1.  Pay attention to your inner physical sensations in order to feel your own body.
  2. Write or record your daily diaries in order to hear your own voice and and reflect on your own life story.
  3. Take walks and while strolling, pay attention to every minute detail.
  4. Stare up at the sky and with each exhalation, imagine that you are penetrating empty space further and further into oblivion. This exercise will quickly empty your mind.
  5. Follow your inhalation and exhalation with mindfulness as you perform the most menial daily tasks. Breath-meditation makes you very present.
  6. Engage in artistic activities and spend time out in nature.
  7. Each day take a comfortable seat, take 30 long slow breaths, all the while emptying your mind and relaxing your muscles, and then, visualize in full living color and in full detail, already living the life that you want to live three months, six months, or one year from now. Make it a real motion picture and feel the emotions that you would feel already living your ideal life. Remember that your subconscious mind does not recognize the difference between imagined reality and utter reality.
  8. Write down all of your goals where you can see them daily. The writing of goals is a declaration to the subconscious mind that you really mean it!

Many Blessings

Kambiz Naficy

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Kambiz Naficy (

Surely you have come across situations where you meet a group of people who stand lower than yourself in terms of income, social status, education, manners, and even wisdom.

If you find yourself there, boost your tolerance by first thanking God for all the Grace in your own life. Know that the more you self-actualize; and the more your approach your maximum potential, the more love, forgiveness, and tolerance will flow out of your heart. Personal joy, contentment, and happiness will make you a more tolerant, accepting, and loving person.

When your own cup is full, you will naturally overflow onto others. You will give of yourself to others without being threatened or judging another person as inferior.

A happy and self-actualized life is a huge diamond and you must earn a big diamond. Challenge yourself to the maximum to become the greatest human being that you can become.

It is possible, believe me. Make up your mind, ask the God Force and your Soul for support. Laugh in the face of fear and doubt and put yourself to the test in bigger ways than you ever imagined. See how many Higher Selves you can uncover in your present self. 

When your cup is filled with the glory of who you are and have always been, you will love, forgive, tolerate, and let your greatness touch others.

Much Love

Kambiz Naficy

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Kambiz Naficy

The greatest risk you will ever take in your life is to really live! Living fully takes commitment and that commitment is one that the worried mind is anxious about. Your mind and ego hate the great Unknown.

The majority of the seven billion people on Earth have decided to exist in a gray-line depression, meaning mere survival. The longest spiritual journey is from your head down to your heart.

Once your heart opens up, you will feel all of life and once you are connected to life, you will want to live fully!

What does that mean, live fully? Give people free hugs here and there, buy one thing a day just to make you happy; thank your parents; no matter what they did, at least they tried. Dance in your bedroom, then gradually sing behind the steering wheel, then finally on the sidewalk. Go up to the Beauty that you admire and just say, I really want to to share my time with you. There is no heart break, after all, the one who is open to love keeps thriving, while the one who rejects love winds up lonely.

Find your life-calling and give it your very best. Each time you fall, get up once more and laugh at the adventure of it all. Your entire life is just a photo album, make sure you paste in more colorful moments than gray ones.

One of these days, you will look up at the sky and down at your child, and murmur, thank God I am alive!

Much Love,

Kambiz Naficy

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Increasing your Self-Confidence

Kambiz Naficy, international Kriya Yoga master and renowned self-development coach discusses many techniques for increasing your self-confidence.

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The World’s Greatest Secret


I will let you in on one of the world’s greatest secrets of happiness – find something that inspires and motivates you, then place an intense amount of focus on it. So much so, that there won’t be enough space left in your mind for anything else.

Distractions will surround you and these distractions will muddy your mind; they will cause anxiety and worry. The mind in constantly processing millions of bits of information, most of them irrelevant to your true cause and life-purpose.

External distractions also tempt the five senses. Senses, out of control, will tire your nervous system.

Lasting happiness comes from a calm and focused mind; a mind without worry and anxiety is a mind fixed on One Truth. No matter what chaos surrounds you, NEVER MIND! Just focus back on your One Truth.

Life is simpler than you thought!

Much love,

Kambiz Naficy

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Power of your Mind

Power of your Mind

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