Secret to Lasting Happiness


I will let you in on one of the world’s greatest secrets of happiness – find something that inspires and motivates you, then place an intense amount of focus on it. So much so, that there won’t be enough space left in your mind for anything else.

Distractions will surround you and these distractions will muddy your mind; they will cause anxiety and worry. The mind in constantly processing millions of bits of information, most of them irrelevant to your true cause and life-purpose.

External distractions also tempt the five senses. Senses, out of control, will tire your nervous system.

Lasting happiness comes from a calm and focused mind; a mind without worry and anxiety is a mind fixed on One Truth. No matter what chaos surrounds you, NEVER MIND! Just focus back on your One Truth.

Life is simpler than you thought!

Much love,

Kambiz Naficy

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