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All of us are looking to find our way back home.

 Home is where someone is waiting for you with open arms.

Home is that place of unconditional love.

Home is that wagging tail or the purr of your cat soooo happy that you’re back.

Home is a comfortable bed that smells you like and the ones you love.

Home is smell of mama’s cooking that soothes your soul.

Home is where you will find your parents’ wedding picture and a grandparent’s photograph with wrinkles of wisdom running across the years.

Home is that familiar squeak of the door, the sound of the clock, and the sound of children running around.

Home is where you leave the chaos of the outside world, sit and hug your loved ones, and thank God that your inner-world is ever-intact.

 God Bless your Home and Family

Kambiz Naficy

Facebook: Joy of Life Organization

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Never Mind!

Kambiz Naficy (www.joyoflifeorganization.com)

Kambiz Naficy (www.joyoflifeorganization.com)
Facebook Page: Joy of Life Organization

I will let you in on one of the world’s greatest secrets of happiness—find something that inspires and motivates you, then place an intense amount of focus on It. So much so, that there won’t be enough space left in your mind for anything else.

Distractions will surround you and these distractions will muddy your mind; they will cause anxiety and worry. The mind is constantly processing millions of bits of information, most of them irrelevant to your true cause and life-purpose.

External distractions also tempt the five senses. Senses, out of control, will tire your nervous system.

Lasting happiness comes from a calm and focused mind; a mind without worry and anxiety is a mind fixed on One Truth. No matter what chaos surrounds you, NEVER MIND! Just focus back on your One Truth.

Life is simpler than you thought!

Much Love

Kambiz Naficy

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Kambiz Naficy (Joy of Life Organization on Facebook)

Kambiz Naficy (www.joyoflifeorganization.com)
Facebook: Joy of Life Organization

Dear Friend:

When all is considered, all you have is today.

Help and give love to as many people as possible, today.

Choose uplifting and self-empowering thoughts, today.

Before you act or say a word, follow your inhalations and exhalations with mindfulness, today.

Do not spend more than you make, today.

Separate what is really important in your life from the endless and meaningless distractions that squander your energies, today.

Breathe into your heart and feel the heart of a lion. Step into the flow of life with the heart of a lion, today.

Look up to the light in the sky, the wind going through the leaves, look at the childrens’ laughter, say hello to a beggar, say a hopeful word to an ailing or aged person, thank your spouse or mate for all the love, and be thankful that you are alive, today.

All that is required of your human existence is to live well until midnight, today.

Multiply today by three hundred and sixty, and you will have one year’s worth of glorious todays!

Much Love to you,

Kambiz Naficy

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Ask a Question


Dear Friend;

 There is an Intelligence in all of space and beneath the atom; this Intelligence is the Universal Mind and it listens to you and mirrors your own thoughts and emotions back to you.

When the Universal Mind shrinks down it becomes the human mind. Our human minds are like transmitting stations that are constantly transmitting desires and beliefs out into space and toward the Universal Mind.

God is listening to you all the time and it is impossible for you to consistently hold a thought or belief in your mind and not have it manifest into reality.

Everyone eventually gets what they repeatedly think about. What you manifest in this life depends on the questions that you ask and the life that you envision.

Never mind what your life looks like now.

From now on:

Do not forget to think big

Do not forget to imagine a life of beauty.

Much Love

Kambiz Naficy (www.joyoflifeorganization.com)

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Your Mind, Your Life

Kambiz Naficy

At the root of all creation there is a subatomic wave, a Silent Prayer that pulsates beneath each atom and in all of space. From this ocean of Silence, arises the first wave of creation which is thought. Thought then gives rise to emotion, emotion results in action, and your actions create results.

Anything that you have created has been created twice—once in your mind and secondly through your actions which give form to thoughts. 

Even your existence is God’s thought—after all, what other Intelligence could have multiplied your cells with such exactitude in your mother’s womb? Now, years later, the person that you are today is a result of everything that you have thought before.

Thought gives rise to the mind and mind gives rise to thought; the two are inseparable and you cannot have one without the other. All of your experiences as experienced by your mind; without mind, there is no one to experience life. What you call my life story, is a tapestry of mental images and perceptions that you formed around past events.

If you read this and walk into your life tomorrow, you can quickly change your life by choosing and changing your interpretations of events. In other words, events mean nothing; it is only how we see each event that lends meaning to them—change your perceptions and interpretations, and all of your life will change!

Much Love

Kambiz Naficy















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