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You as God’ Will


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Building Our Little Ones

Kambiz Naficy (

Kambiz Naficy (

 If you are a parent, most likely a big portion of your happiness comes from the happiness of your children and grand children. The happiest children are those who value who they are. I believe that more than any other force, unconditional love from you builds a strong sense of self-worth and self-confidence in your children.

When your babies are born, through the age of seven, they have a weak self-concept, meaning, they look in the mirror of your eyes to appraise their own worth. Little children look into the mirror your eyes to see if you are happy to see them, if you value their presence, if you are present in the moment while interacting with them. Parents who devote quality time to focus on the child’s inner-life, ideas, fantasies, and emotions are clear mirrors that reflect a strong sense of self and self-worth to their children.

Unconditional love for your child is the message that, I love you without question for who you are, not for what you do or achieve. I adore your core, eternally because you are my child, you do not have to earn my love.

They are all so beautiful, our little ones.

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Kambiz Naficy

The way natural laws work is that the more you resist, the more nature resists you and closes doors of opportunity. This is not because the God Force is mean; She lovingly wants you to know that the flow, the ease of life is your Divine Right; you do not have to fight; all is well and you are provided for without question. Let go of stress, fear, and worry.

Surrender means feeling fine that you are that one blue fish in an ocean full of yellow fish. Surrender means trusting the still Voice inside, your truest self, your core values, your life’s calling.

Surrender means taking in, absorbing, and accepting all of life without judgment. Can you attend a birthday in the morning, a funeral at noon, and a wedding in the evening—all in the same day?

Surrender means having the spiritual certainty that you can give all of you to all of humanity in order to have all of it back many fold.

Surrender means slowly stepping down from your head and into your heart. Our power lays in your heart not our head. The intellect can solve practical problems, but the heart penetrates and comes to understand the Fourth Dimension— the mystery of life. It is always the passion and faith of the heart that influence the God Force.    

Surrender means releasing “my life story”; what I mean by “my life story” are all the stories and meanings (perceptions) that you attached to your life-events. The events of our lives do not shape our character, the impressions we gather around these events do. Change the meaning you attach to an event, and suddenly your beliefs, behaviors, and life-results change! 

Surrender means choosing love over fear. These are the two primary emotions. Fear is the emotion of the Ego and love is the sensation of the Soul. Nothing drives away the Grace of God like fear, worry, and anxiety.

Surrender means trusting the flow of the day.The world is too big for our egos and personalities to control. Wake up and know that the God Force is acting through you to move your fingers. Then, rise from your bed and let go and let God move you through the day. Lay back and trust in Her flow; stay open and witness what may come. If you watch carefully, you will learn a lot from the silent ways of this world .

May the Force be with you Today,

Kambiz Naficy

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Voice of Conscience

Dear Friend;

One of these days, your conscience will confront you with a big, loud question:

What stands between you and your greatest happiness?

By the time you hear this Voice, it is too late to run and hide; don’t even try to duck and waste time, all the while pretending to be someone that you are not.

By the time your conscience has spoken, you have barely enough time to stop feeling sorry for yourself, to stop cowering and show your authentic self, to stop drugging your wounds.

Once your conscience has spoken, you have barely enough time to start living life by your own true values.

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Right Livelihood

Kambiz Naficy (

Staying small and inhibited not only destroys you but it does not serve a society that could prosper through your greatness. The happiest people are those who experience the flight of the Soul.

Your soul is a phoenix, she becomes ill in closed quarters; your soul needs to constantly grow and experience vast horizons; I am talking about the big picture.

The most lasting and joyous livelihood is one that is shared with a family that you deeply care about. I am speaking not only of your immediate family but a family of co-workers, employees, and their loved ones too.

Make every effort to win the hearts and the souls of the people that work with you. Improve their lives through your livelihood; help them to succeed, gain self-respect and self-confidence as they in turn, carry you to your dreams.

This, you will see, is a different kind of ownership, for when you truly win over a heart, you win over a Soul, a Soul who loves to work for you because you radiate generosity, goodwill, and prosperity. People, who work for a great soul feel deep gratitude because they know that their lives have been touched and transformed forever.

It truly takes a great soul to earn the gratitude of his or her staff, but let me tell you, once you earn that love and gratitude, your work will be your heaven.

With Respect,

Kambiz Naficy


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Revisiting Yourself

Once in a while, you will go back to a place and time from your past. It may feel like a pilgrimage to honor who you were at that particular place in time. You may even go to a high school or college reunion, looking for your past, and find yourself surrounded by familiar faces grown older and not the same anymore.

When you revisit that place from your past, honor and embrace who you were, even if that was a dark or melancholy time of your life. Your life is really like a picture album, some pictures are happy and some are not.

When you learn to truly honor who you are, your journey of life will be a sacred one for you–it is none of anyone’s business, it is your journey and your inner-landscape is a sacred place for you.

When you revisit that place from your past, know that you are no longer that person who used to live there. Also know that the city is no longer the same city and its people not the same people. The clock can never be turned back.

Do not be sad about that, my friend, because the the most fundamental law of nature is:

Everything is changing from moment to moment until all eternity. Nature never repeats Herself.

Much love to you for having the courage to journey through your life without looking back.

Kambiz Naficy (

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