Love of the Self

Dear Friend;

There is a pulse, the heartbeat of this earth, nearly seven billion hearts beating each second.

Within the┬árhythm and the chaos of it all, there is one heartbeat louder and clearer that the rest, that’s your heart beating.

Listen to it deeply my friend, because it tells of your story, talks of your dreams, your laughter, and all that makes you unique in the eyes of your Creator.

If you listen deeply to your heart, one day you will fall in love with the Essence of you–your Soul.

Listen to your heart and you will learn the wisdom that belongs to you. That wisdom is Grace privately bestowed upon you.

Once you fall in love with your Soul, nothing else will ever distract you from who you are. It is like being comfortable under your own skin. A feeling like you are, have been, and will always be the darling of your Creator.

When you fall in love with the Pulse of your Soul, your heart will burst open and when that heart opens, oh, what celebration in giving all of you to all so that in the end, you will have it all!


Kambiz Naficy

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