Promises, Promises


Dear Friend;

The only promises that mean anything are the ones you make to God. Promises that you make with your ego and mind are a waste of time. This is because your ego and mind have their own hidden agendas, and the last thing they are interested in is to stick to a promise that doesn’t bring instant pleasure or gratification.

If your ego makes a promise to you, it wants to know, what’s in it for me? Well with that expectation, how can you ever go through hardship or step beyond your comfort zone; how can you step into the unknown territories of life? Growth means investigating and stepping into uncharted territories; the ego is very frightened and insecure about aspects of life that are unknown to it.

What about the mind making a promise to you? My God, that’s even worse! Don’t depend on the promises of your mind for the mind changes its mind all the time! ; don’t even try to satisfy the desires of your mind because the mind changes its list of desires all the time.

The typical mind is jumping from thought to thought, from mood to mood, every few seconds or minutes. The mind is addicted to its own endless self-talk; the mind thinks something, then it doubts what it just thought. Can you really trust a promise that such an entity makes to you?

To step into bigger dimensions, to become a bigger person than you are now, you must trust and rely on a HIgher Force, a Force bigger and beyond your ego, mind, and social personality. Only your Creator knows your true capacity.

Go out for a walk today and listen to the birds, notice the trees breathing, the wind whispering, the laughter of little children playing. Think about the One Pulse throbbing in all of space and the universe. That Pulse in alive and intelligent, that Pulse also beats in your heart and is the same as your Soul (God).

Place one hand on your heart and speak to that Pulse–dear Lord of my life; I know that you love me more than I love myself. Today, I give myself to you; today with you as my witness and loving guide, I promise ……………..

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Courage is a muscle; exercise it and it will burst forth from inside-out.

Each time you choose love over fear, you radiate courage.

Each time you face your fears and they vanish, you gain greater courage.

Each time you give all your love and the Universe returns even more; you are filled with courage.

Every time you follow your heart and life blossoms, you become the embodiment of courage.

Every day that you envision a big life that touches thousands, you become bigger than life, and you plant courage in the hearts of others.

Talk to the Breath behind your breath; faith will bathe you in courage.

Kambiz Naficy

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Love of the Self

Dear Friend;

There is a pulse, the heartbeat of this earth, nearly seven billion hearts beating each second.

Within the rhythm and the chaos of it all, there is one heartbeat louder and clearer that the rest, that’s your heart beating.

Listen to it deeply my friend, because it tells of your story, talks of your dreams, your laughter, and all that makes you unique in the eyes of your Creator.

If you listen deeply to your heart, one day you will fall in love with the Essence of you–your Soul.

Listen to your heart and you will learn the wisdom that belongs to you. That wisdom is Grace privately bestowed upon you.

Once you fall in love with your Soul, nothing else will ever distract you from who you are. It is like being comfortable under your own skin. A feeling like you are, have been, and will always be the darling of your Creator.

When you fall in love with the Pulse of your Soul, your heart will burst open and when that heart opens, oh, what celebration in giving all of you to all so that in the end, you will have it all!


Kambiz Naficy

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The Work of Love

Deep and lasting love takes work, like anything else that is splendid. 

Love is work but the work of two Gods building something great together. Greatness comes from achieving depth not seeking endless variety. The deeper you see into each other’s Souls, the the more profound your love.

Love is the work of beginning a relationship with forty percent harmony and awakening to each other so that some day, you will share eighty percent of life.

Love is the work of paying attention to the other–the other’s aspirations, needs, disappointments, favorite friends, and past times. Attention is the most romantic force in the world. Attention carries with it the Life Force that gives life. Whatever and whomever you place your loving attention on, will prosper and blossom.

Love is the work of maintaining each of your healthy boundaries while your two souls merge in trust.

Love is the work of being delighted for each other’s happiness and victories, even if that means sacrificing some of your wishes. Love is the work of providing space and freedom for the other to flourish.

Love is the work of each of you facing your fears as well as the demons that threaten the very bond of your love.

Know that every demon that you face will vanish.That is the law of nature as love is the essence of existence.

Blessings to you,

Kambiz Naficy

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