Your Joy Thermostat

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            Kambiz Naficy


Do you feel that you deserve and expect the constancy of joy in your life?

The reason I am asking this is that most people have a maximum ceiling for the amount of joy that they can tolerate at any given moment. Once they exceed that maximum tolerable level of wellbeing, that is, on those weeks that things seem to be going too well, some people unconsciously sabotage themselves just as they are getting on a roll.

At what degree is your joy thermostat set? Do you invest more energy in increasing your joy and wellbeing or do you invest much more time and energy in tripping yourself up? Think about this last week–did you invest more time and energy on the solutions or on creating more problems for yourself?

Know that it takes a far lesser investment of energy in healing as compared to all the time and energy that you may have invested in hurt and pain.

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Jump in and Face It!

Kambiz Naficy
            Kambiz Naficy (

My Dear Friend;

Let’s face it, life has its tough times, emotionally, physically, financially, and spiritually. Be sure that it is never the outer-circumstances that make us or breaks us, rather, it is how we face them and handle them that creates our life experiences and character.

If you are looking for deep peace and true self-confidence, face life, face all of it, don’t run away from the recession or substitute one partner for another just because your relationship or business is going through tough times.

The side of us which is fearful and lacks true self-confidence, fidgets, swerves, and substitutes new circumstances or relationships for those that we need to face and work with.

When you distract yourself and jump from this to that, you are taking yourself out of life; don’t vacate your life, your life needs you; it needs your attention.Do not be tempted by the delusional rewards that running away offers. When you ignore your problem, you keep it.

You were created by the God Force and as such, you were created by the will of God. Because the God Force created you, every atom of your body is throbbing with the God Force. You have no idea what your ultimate potential, capacity, and strength is in dealing with life’s difficulties. 

Take the love of these words and seize the moment; jump into life with your full Presence and the spiritual certainty that every cell of your body is electrified by the will of the God Force.

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